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User:agent_lee (202589)
Name:Agent Lee
Website:Mary Sue Academy of Suewarts.
Bio:Full Name: Agent Lee aka 'Leanne.'

House: Hadesian.

Fandom: The Matrix.

Age/Year: Second year, on transfer from the mainframe to work on her 'being evil' technique. Being a sentient AI piece of software she doesn't really have an age. She just wants to graduate as quickly as possible so that she can return to the Matrix and get back to shnookums Agent Smith.

Species: Sentient Artificial Intelligence.

Hair colour: Shining black hair, like a raven's wing, cut into a sleek, stylish bob.

Eye colour: An intimidating, piercing, icy blue colour. These are eyes that seem to be able to look right into men's souls.

Build: A svelte, feminine figure that belies her physical strength.

Animal friends: None. Agent Lee would never associate with biological lifeforms by choice. But she is good friends with a "Squiddy" Sentinel called Bob.

History/connection to canon:This female agent programme was created by the mainframe to infiltrate the human resistance. Her strategy? Seduce and destroy. She reported back directly to Agent Smith in all her endeavours and the pair made a good team. When Smith was destroyed by Neo, she took it upon herself to repair his programme, without the consent of the mainfreame. As she tenderly pieced together his shattered code, she asked herself, why was she going to these lengths for Smith? Had her sentient programming developed that human emotion called, "love?"

Special abilities: Martial arts expert, both hand to hand and involving weaponary. In particular, she wields her gun with deadly accuracy and can dodge bullets. The ability to lure people into traps using her, almost irresistable, femme fatale charms. She can also load any clothes (or lack thereof) into her programme at will, so this means she can change her appearance with a mere thought. No going to the changing rooms for her. While most of the time, she favours an elegantly cut, black trouser-suit, if she requires it, she can change into a debutante ballgown, a 'little black dress,' a frilly pink number,in short, anything her mission requires in the blink of an eye.

Likes:Discipline, order, sharp suits, shades, Desert Eagles, lip-gloss, Coco Chanel, shnookums Agent Smith.

Dislikes:Humans. She can taste their stink.

Hobbies: Target practice, reading fashion magazines. Has a secret interest in sampling different types of human foods.

Anything else? She worries that perhaps in her quest to understand humans, to better control them, she is becoming a little too much like them. Hence the reason she likes to keep her human food obsession secret and this may be the explanation for her feelings towards shnookums Agent Smith.
Interests:11: agents, black suits, coco chanel, combat, desert eagles, fashion, food, lip-gloss, seduction, sunglasses, the matrix.
Friends:8: evilpiratequeen, frothy_latte, kailyn_gadaire, lady_lutetium, msas, shinyshinyooh, tristan_thor, zurvan_palazzo
Friend of:10: brecheiniog, evilpiratequeen, frothy_latte, kailyn_gadaire, kalina, lady_lutetium, sensui_yuri, shinyshinyooh, tristan_thor, zurvan_palazzo
Member of:2: msas, msas_muns
Account type:Free User

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