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Below is user information for Agent Elle. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:agent_elle (64993)
Name:Agent Elle
Website:The Metaphysical Green
Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
AOL IM:RasputinaElle (Add Buddy, Send Message)
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Interests:102: aeryn sun, agent brown, agent jones, agent smecker, agent smith, alan rickman, alice, alice cooper, aliens, anime, art, australian rock, black and white, black suits, black ties, blues brothers, bubblegum crisis 2040, buster blues, calico cooper, connor macmanus, cosplay, crackers don't matter, crais, crucio, david bowie, death, desert eagles, die hard, dodge this, dogma, douglas adams, draco malfoy, drds, elrond, elwood blues, evangelion, fan comics, fandom, farscape, galaxy quest, glam music, gothics, harley quinn, harry potter, harvey, hermione granger, huge friggin guys, hugo weaving, ireland, jake blues, james bond, jason isaacs, john crichton, kicking dobby, kung fu, lister, little shop of horrors, lizzy borden, lord of the rings, lucius malfoy, manga, marcus flint, matchbox 20, matrix, monty python, moya, murphy macmanus, nurse rozetta, oekaki, pink floyd, punks, red dwarf, regurgitator, rik mayall, rimmer, rocky horror picture show, rove live, sailor moon, sarcasm, sci fi, scorpios, sean patrick flannery, serial crushers, severus snape, shakespeare, sigorney weaver, star wars, stephen king, sunglasses, symbology, the agents, the boondock saints, the color green, the labyrinth, the matrix, the young ones, thief, tie clips, tim burton, trinity, u2, watching mister anderson die
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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