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Below is information about the "After Sunset Community" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:after_sunset (97044)
Name:After Sunset Community
About:Story Background:

It is the year 2002 and life on earth is chaotic as normal. There is happiness and sorrow, life and death, famine and wealth, war and quiet. The top of the food chain, and most intelligent and powerful is the human race.
Or so they believe.

But the human mind is a wonderful tool. And many will convince themselves that they see the truth. You walk down a street and pass many faces without a thought your mind hazing over and ignoring things. See the young woman walking towards you, a normal person, but to look at her under a different light you would see the pale skin and the ancient eyes. Things stronger and older then man walk among them. Races of people that prefer the light of the moon to do their work.

When the race of man was young the gates were opened and the elder races came. They settled in places of power and worked to nurture the world and even to watch these humans. But something went amiss. A great storm struck the earth and the gate was broken leaving the races stranded here.

At first they were united staying as subtle as possible and having only small interactions with the humans. But over time a rift grew through them. A great battle began. And all chose sides. There are those who believe that Earth and humanity are here for their amusement. There are others who are fighting to let mankind chose its own way and know the world is not a toy.

These battles rage away from human eyes. Odd weather patterns and storms seem to mask them. And the blanket of night and isolation keeps the work of the elder races covered.

Avalon is the center of power and held by those of good intent. It shifts in reality and can only be reached by enchantment. The enchantment works by creating a small whole in the shields big enough to let a small boat sail through the mists to touch Avalon's shores. Certain people are chosen to keep the enchantments and act as carriers to those who wish to cross between Avalon and regular Earth. So to reach Avalon you must first prove your intent to the Carrier. Not easily done as they are well trained in detecting deceit.

As it stands now the battle has been raging for quite some time. Niether side making much progress. The Dark Lords and the Masters of Light are running out of recruits to teach as the races grow thinner in number. The vampires may be the last of the elder races to be able to survive and keep fighting.

To Join:

email me or AIM me and say that you want to play. Give me your character and run along and make a journal here for them so you can join us. And please, no mary-sue's or marty-stu's. Unless you want them as my next meal.
Interests:28: archery, avalon, dragons, druids, elves, fairies, fantasy, magic, men, mermaids, monsters, myth, night, nocturnal, nymphs, rpg, satyrs, sci-fi, spells, sprites, swords, unicorns, vampires, werewolves, wicca, witches, wizards, women
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