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Below is user information for a day in the life of a fading voice.... If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:afadingvoice (5206)
Name:a day in the life of a fading voice...
Location:United States
Bio:This journal is inactive now. I'm only updating at my livejournal Please feel free to hop over there and drop me a line. Thanks.
Interests:121: abbey road, activism, agnostic, alias, alone, american beauty, angelina jolie, animal rights, anti-death penalty, anti-globalization, anti-war, anxiety, avoidant, beagles, beatles, ben folds, ben folds five, black, books, broadway, catcher in the rye, christina ricci, coe, coldplay, colorguard, crying, csi, darkness, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, denial, depression, diet soda, dieting, dismemberment plan, dogs, dysthymia, eating disorders, edvard munch, eeyore, elliot smith, emily dickinson, environmentalism, er, fat, fear, fiona apple, forensic psychology, george harrison, girl interrupted, green eyes, howie day, indie, insecure, isolation, jeff buckley, jennifer connelly, john mayer, kevin spacey, law and order, lennon, les miserables, loneliness, lonely, lost, marching band, mental hospitals, mental illness, michael moore, moulin rouge, mp3s, music, musicals, nick drake, norway, office space, outcast, painting, paloalto, paranoia, paul mccartney, photography, pink floyd, poetry, pro-choice, procrastination, psychology, psychosis, radiohead, reading, reclusive, regret, rent, requiem for a dream, rufus wainwright, sadness, safety pins, schizophrenia, scratching, self-injury, shawshank redemption, she's come undone, sleeping, social anxiety, solitude, starsailor, sylvia plath, tar heels, tears, the bell jar, the office, the postal service, tori amos, trading spaces, travis, travis morrison, unc, usual suspects, vegetarianism, winterguard, writing
Friends:30: alisun, amberxdream, anorthernsoul, bohemiantragedy, ckandreatic, crazy_birdlady, dividedminds, dorkgrrrl, emilss, erbana, fading_awaymegs, frickenmaniac, glumdrop, goin4perfection, greengreendress, kharma_creature, menagerie, mourningmanic, psychoticmonkey, pumpkinjane, skeletonwannabe, soapbar, starascent, stopthepain, swan, twistedsolitude, uadjet, weonlylivetwice, wlwdimlp, xstacy
Friend of:80: alijo, alisun, amberxdream, analyze_me, anatomic, anorthernsoul, a_bomb, beletgracieux, bohemiantragedy, brokenbutterfly, bruisepristine, checkers, crazy_birdlady, cry_4help, cuteybotty07, deathofautumn, dividedminds, dorkgrrrl, dreamin, eau_de_glace, ellerhoose, emilss, emotears, emsydoll, fading_awaymegs, fatso, fightingdragon, fjindsaylay, frickenmaniac, gentedellaluna, girl_of_secrets, glumdrop, greengreendress, incompleteraven, ink, innominate, ivyllb1, katharina, kill_the_pain, lost, madameoverdone, menagerie, metaphysical, me_is_me, moonshadow, mourningmanic, obsession228, outofcontrol, perfectcatwings, perfectionkate, periwinkle37, pinksparkle, plurmoogle, precious_things, psychotica_, psychoticmonkey, pumpkinjane, purplepixie, rebeccas_shadow, reviving0phelia, sarapy, saveyourself, shewasthesky, skeletonwannabe, starascent, swan, thebaffledking, tristessa, twistedsolitude, unattatch, undrgrndnympho, vivabailamos, voicewithin, wallflower, wastedbeauty, weonlylivetwice, wretchedone, xbleed_me_dry, x_babygurl_x, _fade_to_black
Member of:4: cutmeintopieces, jeffbuckley, stopthepain, the_loft
Account type:Early Adopter

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