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User:aequitas (118999)
Website:nenya -DOT- cc
Location:Sedro Woolley, Washington, United States
AOL IM:SleepInTheForest (Add Buddy, Send Message)

My name is Tracey, I am a 23 year old of the female persuasion. I hail from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, northwestern Washington state to be exact, where I live with Chris, my boyfriend of five years.
This journal is filled with my day to day life, ocassionally insightful, more often than not unremarkable, rarely exciting. I'm not out to impress.

I'm a bit of a bookworm, and enjoy movies, anime, manga and other comic books. I have a great thirst for knowledge (which feeds my love for books). I'm also a vegetarian, an environmentalist, and a would-be college student with interests in wildlife biology and a deep concern for wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability.

Day to day I keep myself busy with a job I don't particularly like, but gets the bills paid. In my free time I love to read, enjoy taking in a movie now and again, spending time with my family and my boyfriend. I greatly enjoy swimming and hiking, and any other activity that puts me in touch with nature. I aspire to be an acomplished writer, talented photographer, and a good person, among other things.

Interests:134: alphonse mucha, amber jewelry, amnesty international, andy goldsworthy, animal rights, animals, anime, art, asian horror films, ballet, barefeet, berserk, bibliophilia, biodiversity, birch beer, bleach, blues, books, bookstores, buddhism, chokers, christopher moore, chrono cross, conservation biology, cult cinema, dance dance revolution, david suzuki, daydreaming, defenders of wildlife, dune, elves, environmentalism, enya, escaflowne, fairhaven, fantasy, final fantasy, folklore, fonts, foreign films, forests, france, free tibet, freedom, gay rights, headphones, hemp, hiking, history, human rights, humpback whales, icons, indie films, ipod, jedi, knitting, libraries, literature, lord of the rings, lost, manga, marine mammals, marvel comics, mary oliver, meditation, middle-earth, miyazaki, mountains, movie stubs, movies, mythological creatures, mythology, naruto, natural beauty, natural history, nature, neil gaiman, nonviolence, peace, photography, photoshop, pike place market, ps2, rahxephon, rain, rainforests, random knowledge, reading, religion, role playing games, rpgs, running, rusted root, samurai, sandals, science, seattle, simplicity, solitude, squaresoft, star trek, star wars, subarus, sustainability, tattoos, tea, techno music, tevas, thai iced tea, the beatles, the hobbit, the matrix, the sandman, theatre, tolkien, trading figures, trees, tribal music, trojan war, used bookstores, vegetarianism, video games, washington, webdesign, whales, wildlife, wildlife biology, wildlife conservation, wolf's rain, wolves, writing, xenogears, xenosaga, yoga
Friends:8: autumnesq, demonicchild, discord, encephalon, fuujin, lavierose, prismperfect, usamimi
Friend of:7: autumnesq, demonicchild, discord, encephalon, fuujin, prismperfect, usamimi
Account type:Early Adopter

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