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Below is information about the "Advice & Answers" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:advicenanswers (146532)
Name:Advice & Answers
In a situation and you don't know what to do? Having problems? Or do you just need to vent? This is the perfect community for you. ^__^ Here, you can get Advice and Answers, and just people to listen to you, without having to worry about being looked down on, judged, or anything of the sort. If you have no where else to turn, or you feel alone, join this community!
Maintainer: metalqueen AND Co-Maintainer jgarno

Community Rules:
_!@# Dun tyPe lyyk dizzZ kaY dawG? (There's nothing I hate more than the every other letter cap thing. Type words correctly. Geesh.)
_!@# Be kind to others. If you don't agree with something they say, state your opinion politely.
_!@# State real problems. If you're going to take this community as a joke and post something stupid, don't even bother joining.

Thanks all. ^___^
Interests:39: advice, alcohol, answers, bitching, boyfriends, cheating, depression, diet, driving, drugs, eating disorders, family, flirting, friends, future, getting help, girlfriends, giving advice, grades, help, illness, jobs, listening, love, marriage, money, pain, peer pressure, problems, ranting, raving, relationships, school, sex, sexually transmitted diseases, stress, venting, weight loss, working out
Members:242: 0obrokenangelo0, 5ball, 7thcagedtiger, acidrayne, advicenanswers, alexis3002, amidstasmile, annimh, anonymousmiss, arsenical_lace, ashzilla, askabby4help, averagej, a_fire_inside56, babii_giirl_, babygirl664, bananaboat, bassoon_chiq, billabngobsessn, bitch_016, bitter_tears, blackdragon020, blondebabee311, blood_filled, bluejuice, blue_vegas, boquisa, borninnocent, boycrazygrl747, br0kend011, braindeadpiglet, brokenrecord, butterflybaby19, byondredemption, camelotbabe, canadiancynic, carmenstar, cellardoor13, chai_tea, christina1788, cindyd, city_skyline, ckybunny, crushed_, cucumberina, deadkillinchild, deadx0narrival7, death2thepixies, dependable, dickfarmdunn, dieromantic_x, dimewifey, discoinferno, discoverkitt, djmoonshine, doubts_, dreams_decay, dunholdmedown, eletrikkkx10, enigma85, evol, fallenstar123, farewellunknown, feelingnothing, fires_dreams, food_nazi, forever218, foreverlonely14, forg0ttenxfate, foxracingbaby06, friendofjudy, gemini86, girl_friday, glendi, goodnight0kiss, grapelaffytaffy, greatestescapis, greenember, gudog, haira, halfbreed, hey_stranger, holdxurxbreath2, homesick4emo, iamcaro, idoodlez, imfuckingsickof, im_jimmy_pop, inaphotobooth, infatuated_x, infinitesuicide, intoodeep, itslikechoking_, itsxsweet, iwant2flyaway15, iwishiwasntme, i_fell__again, i_scare_people, jackson2277, jan168301, jannika, jennasmithxoxo, jessica_louise, jgarno, jujumommy, justforthis89, kaning_sunog, karinabeatdown, kika, kinkypink, koalabb, kodakmoment, kordunac, kridderbug, kudei, lengua_tease, lightmyfire, linzee_xo, linzee_xox, lipglozzkezz, live_4_2day, livininlimbo, lose_your_self, lostinair, lost_forgotten, love098, lovefukinghurts, loveletterbox, lovindumbboyz, macklovesjonah, madstyle, magic_mop, makemeache, makeorbreak, mamax2, mandaray, marisaownsyou, mendingwalls, mercurialxfairy, mestup549, metalqueen, midsummersdream, mishlx3, mizt, modestkate12, moneymaker, moonpixie, mybelle, mygenesis, mystic_chic, northeast, no_mercy, nudle, nugrod, ocgurly770, ohwhattodo, onlyin_mydreams, orange_crush37, penguinwithagun, pineappleracer, prince_kevvy, promiscuously, psychadelicpain, psychoteer, psycogirl, punk_goddess, purely_metal, r0cbaby, remakeable, sassyfallenstar, scarsburieddeep, scuzzer, seethrough, sexxiechicka, sexyglitterbabe, shadowsburn22, shesxaxmyth, shootingstars27, show_me_a_rose, shudupxuxfoo, siberian_isis, silly_syrup15, simplymiserable, skinnerninner, skylarjade420, slashmix, slitxmyxwristsx, sobeautifultome, sohardtoletgo, starsnmoons, star_itty, stephelvis, stephxshea, striderranger, sudden_collapse, sugashorty3, summerstar18, surfer_x_gurl, sweetblueyes, taintedd, teenybebop, thoughtsablaze, throughwithlove, ticket_toheaven, timecanterase, tobe_chisai, troublemaker_31, turn_to_me, twistedrainbow, t_luxury, udontknowme3, umallright, unaccpt3d, unsp0ken_w0rdz, utopian_dream7, viciousangel, vickie1985, vicsec, vintagestar, viscousx, weedaholic, wexwereinfinite, whateverimgreen, xbeckix, xcherryxkissx, xcrystaltearsx, xdeadgrrlx, xo_manda_ox, xsammy223, xxemogalxx, xxhrtznstrzxx, xxjessica_lynnx, xxluvgoddessxx, xxthisisntlove, xyummy_cherryx, x_dont_hurt_me, yosigerm, yuliag, _copycat_, _poisoned_kiss_, _steven_da_pimp, ___sexxxi
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