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Below is user information for Sheri. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:adrigon (273088)
Website:Icon Anonymous
AOL IM:ChibiLita (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hilow, this is me, Sheri or Adrigon which ever you prefer. I like all sorta things and like to do things you would think I probably would, like make icons and other silly graphics. I'm going to school to be a High School math teacher *have pity for me* .. I'm one of those wierd ppl who actually like math and school. I do hate history tho. This is me and the stupid and silly stuff I do. Yea. I love to have fun and just do random stuff, ok not that random but they're random to me. I'm a normal, typical, person, or so I think.

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See adrigon (me) and electropositive web site for making icons. Free to take, all you have to do it credit. Must sign the year book to take. Fill out entry completely. We do it for you cuz we like to. All we ask is you credit us.
Interests:72: aim icons, alias, anime, art, boogie boarding, boyfriends, camping, clark kent, dawson's creek, dexter's lab, drawing, everwood, fairies, fantasy, friends, friends only signs, gregory smith, harry potter, hobbits, icon making, icons, jack sparrow, jennifer garner, jimmy fallon, johnny depp, jupiter, keanu reeves, kristen kurek, lana lang, layouts, lord of the rings, matrix, matrix reloaded, matrix revolutions, micheal vartan, micheal vaughn, mighty ducks, morpheus, movies, neo, orlando bloom, painting, pirates of the carribean, planets, robbin williams, sailor chibimoon, sailor jupiter, sailor moon, samwise gamgee, science-fiction, sean austin, skiing, smallville, star wars, stars, sun moon, superman, swimming, sydney bristow, teenage mutant ninja turtles, that 70s show, tom welling, trinity, troll dolls, viggo mortensen, wallpapers, web graphics, web pages, wheel of time, will and grace, working out, x-men
Friends:14: baboon_scrotum, bellecontests, bubblegum_icons, drummer_420, free_icons, hp_obsessed, iconicalbeauty, icons_, kyriegem, roman_goddess, superkneo, theiconjudges, we_love_dan, _icon_contest_
Friend of:5: d0odicle, drummer_420, princesserena, punkie_andie, superkneo
Member of:12: baboon_scrotum, bellecontests, free_icons, hp_obsessed, icons_, rightclicklick, roman_goddess, sailormoonfans, smallville, theiconjudges, we_love_dan, _icon_contest_
Account type:Free User

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