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User:adrian_elsbeth (184939)
Name:Adrian Elsbeth
Website:Mary Sue Academy of Suewarts
Yahoo! ID:stefani_lh (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I keep updating my info so you might want to keep checking through it to know what is going on with my character!

My name is Adrian Elsbeth and I am 11 years old. I am attending Suewarts as a First Year, in Hadesian. I am very intelligent for an 11 year old and extremely beautiful. This is partially because I am a Dhampire (half human/half vampire), but mostly because I am a Stu!

I don't need blood to survive right now but I will rip your throat out if you make me angry!! I do not need to eat, but I enjoy doing so on occasion. I love cookies and chocolate, and that is usually what I eat.

I have a cat named Dora, but I usually call her Dorrie. You will address her as Ms. Dora Cat Elsbeth. She is 1 year old and has very sharp teeth like me. When I burn the special incense given to me by D, Dorrie turns into Lucian, my 18 y/o "brother".

I can go out in the sun but I have to wear a lot of clothes and a robe with a hood. I also wear Muggle sunglasses so the sun won't bother my sensitive red eyes.

My uncle is Severus Snape, so you better not make me unhappy lest I owl him. He used to be a Death Eater is a very scary man so you don't want to upset him. I also might inform my Uncle Adrian, Grandfather Dracula, Cousin Malfoy, or Cousin Miyu. If I am very angry, I'll sick my Cousins Mary Kate and Ashley Malfoy on you.

My best friend is Mitaki Valentine, who is a 2nd Year in Aqumortum. He might beat you up if I ask him to. He does what I say most of the time.

I also hang out with kailyn_gadaire who is in Flammasari, and daidouji Tamaran who is a Aurasuin.

Full Name: Adrian Elsbeth (he despises nicknames)
Age/Year: 11
Fandom(s): HP/C:SOTN/PSoH/ Hellsing/VHD/VPM

Species(es): Dhampire (Human/Vampire)

Hair Colour (Don't forget the flowery adjectives!): Straight, shiny, blue-black hair that falls to his mid-back.

Eye Colour (Remember: adjectives are your friends.): Blood red eyes that appear to almost glow when he's angry.

Unusual Markings/Colourations: He is very pale as he must cover up in the sun.

Build: (I.E. voluptuous, skinny and pretty, etc, etc,): Short, slim and very pretty. He is often mistaken as a girl.

Special Possessions: Mourneblade given to him by his uncle Adrian.

Animal Friend(s) (if any): A black cat named Dora whom he calls Dorrie. He bought the cat in Chinatown from a man named D, when he was abroad in America. When he burns incense...well, you shall see soon enough.

History/Origin: He is a dhampire; half human/half vampire. His mother, Sandara Snape, married Faustus Elsbeth, a vampire. Faustus is the child of Dracula and Camilla Elsbeth, both vampires.

Connection To Canon: He is Severus Snape's nephew. Adrian Farenheights Tepes is his Father's half brother. That makes Dracula his grandfather. His other relations are a secret at this time.

Special Abilities: He is very good at Divination. He has excellent reflexes and would probably excel in quidditch as a Beater. He also has extensive knowledge of runes, even at this early age. He uses runes and his vampire powers to turn invisible, levitate, and generally scare the hell out of people.

Other Traits: He is a bit-stuck up, seeing "normal" people as inferior to himself. He hates interacting with others and doesn't like to do as he's told. He is intelligent but lazy at times. He doesn't have any friends, but would be extremely loyal and close to them if he happened to make any at Suewarts. However, he would never admit this.

Likes: scaring people, chocolate, cats, books, ghosts, his uncle Snape, gloating, arguing, journal keeping, brushing his hair

Dislikes: herbology, group work, sleeping, following orders, uber-feminine girls, being mistaken for a girl, fan letters

Hobbies: reading, spying, scaring people, arguing, divining, studying runes, playing with Dora, acting better than everyone else, mocking others, writing in his journal, writing nasty replies to his fan letters

Anything Else? : It was his parents' idea for him to attend Suewarts and Adrian is not happy about it. He is getting used to the idea though.


OoC journals: stefani_lh <--contact me at this one

Memories:85 entries
Interests:34: answering fanmail, arguing, being evil, brushing my hair, cats, crossword puzzles, dhampires, divination, dramatic arts, faking bursting into flames, gary stus, gary sues, gloating, going to school, hadesian, harry potter, ignoring people, looking beautiful, marty stus, mary sues, mocking, narcissism, playing with dorrie, reading, roleplay, roleplaying, rping, runes, severus snape, sneaking around, spying, suewarts, vampires, writing in my journal
Friends:54: adrian_elsbeth, amalinevra, anarin, angstygracie, arabella_device, bara_kami, bloody_val, brecheiniog, creeper_stu, daidouji, darfatezip, evilpiratequeen, foreverdorian, frothy_latte, gmonkey, ikky, jessbanks, kailan, kailyn_gadaire, kalina, kibune, kireimiko, koshiroryuu, lady_lutetium, malfoy_twins, mirakuru, mistress_poe, msas, msas_muns, mustela_frenata, nieninque, pochinum1, professor_priss, ranko_saotome, saad, sakura_hino, selenastargazer, sensui_yuri, seraphicdjinn, setsuri, shinyshinyooh, skandrae, snarky_snape, sophi, spider_sue, stefani_lh, stefanswanne, sumikou, super_claire, tristan_thor, winged_death, wizardprincess, young_malfoy, zurvan_palazzo
Friend of:31: adrian_elsbeth, anarin, angstygracie, bara_kami, bloody_val, brecheiniog, creeper_stu, daidouji, evilpiratequeen, foreverdorian, frothy_latte, ikky, jessbanks, kailyn_gadaire, kalina, koshiroryuu, lady_lutetium, malfoy_twins, mirakuru, mistress_poe, mustela_frenata, professor_priss, sensui_yuri, shinyshinyooh, skandrae, snarky_snape, spider_sue, stefani_lh, stefanswanne, tristan_thor, zurvan_palazzo
Member of:2: msas, msas_muns
Account type:Early Adopter

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