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Below is user information for Jennille. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:adrenaliine (43723)
Location:Mountain View, California, United States
AOL IM:xfamous001 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:the girl: jennille. dreamer. musician. fan. writer. fuct up kid. just a kid. fed up. ender. in the city. washin' + wonderin'. bender. emotionless. understatement. just a phase. walking on broken glass. new.

the music: good charlotte. new found glory. hanson. stroke 9. simple plan. the used. tupac. finch. dashboard confessional. autopilot off. mest. eminem. goo goo dolls. incubus. jay-z. kelly osbourne. black eyed peas. don't look down. yellowcard. blink 182. linkin park. o-town. adam sandler. justincase. nappy roots. justin timberlake. muckruckers. doap. aerosmith. no doubt. sugarcult. sum 41. lfo. gob. taking back sunday. starting line. vendetta red. the ataris. one fits all.

the next shows: </i> yellowcard, gob, over it, don't look down, autopilot off. slim's. august 21st::: hanson. slim's. august 27th::: finch, the starting line, allister, homegrown, the early november, senses fail. fillmore. september 2nd::: dashboard confessional, mxpx, vendetta red, brand new. sf concourse exhibition center. september 26th.

the soundtrack (8/14): 'carve your heart out yourself' by dashboard confessional. 'accident sex' by vendetta red. 'chelsea' by mest. 'the innocent' by good charlotte, mest, and goldfinger.
Memories:11 entries
Interests:135: 2ge+her, accents, acoustic guitars, airports, apolo ohno, autopilot off, bass guitars, beanies, benji and tony, billy martin, birthdays, black and white photography, blair from road rules, branden steineckert, cashdogg, cell phones, chandler bing, chuck comeau, clean bathrooms, cleanliness, clinique, coffee, cold water, concerts, cruises, crushes, da hope, dashboard confessional, david desrosiers, denim, disney channel, disney world, dreamers, drums, electric guitars, eminem, finch, football, fun, gilmore girls, gob, god, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, good grammar, grease, great america, guess, guys in bands, haight and ashbury, hair dye, halloween, hanson, head phones, horror movies, hot guys, hot hair, incubus, interesting usernames, iridescent, jeff stinco, jeremiah rangel, jimmy fallon, joey tribbiani, kid vicious, level 27, lip balm, made, mascara, matt lovato, mest, michael jackson, microphones, monica gellar, muckruckers, music, musicians, new found glory, new york city, nfl, nick gigler, nightfist, notebooks, organization, p. diddy, people who can spell, phoebe buffay, piercings, pierre bouvier, portable cd players, punkrock guys, rachel green, random, randomosity, reality tv, reese witherspoon,, ross gellar, roswell, sandra bullock, screamer, seattle, sebastien lefebvre, sephora, seth green, shopping, sick boy, simple plan, singing, skater guys, songs, spanish, st. paul, stimulate, surprises, taco bell, taking back sunday, the ataris, the great houdini, the mighty ducks, the starting line, the used, tony lovato, tough enough, tower of terror, tupac, twins, urban decay, valley fair, vendetta red, white out, wisconsin, writing, yes from road rules, you're so last summer
Friends:22: allthinqsr0ck, blueyeddemoness, chickiee, chupachup, claimers, complexu, evilqueen23, evilwench, festival_song, happilyconfused, lilmarinecutie, lovealwayz, maybachianreve, mykisswillkill, pos4thstreet, roswell_icons, simpleglory, simpleplan027, supastar, xbeanie_babyx, xchicax, __sayanything
Friend of:15: allthinqsr0ck, blueyeddemoness, chickiee, chupachup, evilqueen23, evilwench, festival_song, happilyconfused, lilmarinecutie, lovealwayz, simpleglory, simpleplan027, supastar, xbeanie_babyx, xchicax
Member of:2: claimers, roswell_icons
Account type:Early Adopter

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