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Below is information about the "*Adorkiful Blurties*" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:adorkiful_babes (52034)
Name:*Adorkiful Blurties*
Location:BG, Kentucky, United States


may we add we are best friends in real life so if you wanna nominate us for a best friend award in any community feel free too!
and comment in our journals lots, we comment back to all of them!


No joqqing of any kind what so ever!
Must be a member of Adorkiful Babes to post, but you do not have to be a member to win and award
Although if you win an award you must then join to recive award
Users may NOT nominate themselves more than twice each week! if you do so nomination will be DQ!
Please R-E-S-P-E-C-T everyone!
No pornographic images or links may be posted *my mom is a preist and if she saw she'd kill me*
Users may not receive the same award twice!
if caught cheating in any way shape or form, you will be asked to leave or removed from the community
and finally, have fun and search for potential winners and NOMINATE!!
Rules susceptible to change at anytime with consultance of maintainers

When To Vote

Monday-Friday *Nominations!!!*
Saturday-polls will be up! VOTE THEN!!!
Sunday- winners announced *if maintainers have had a busy week winners may not be announced until Monday
if you nominate in anytime before or after nomination times you nomination will be DQ


maintainers will be overall judges but
must add both maintainers to your friends list
must be really nice
must nominate maintainers in an award community


Best Layout
Best Icon
Best Attitude
All Star
Best Guy
Most Helpful
Best Colors
Best Recruiter *contact maintainers with users you have recruited to be nominated*
Most Unique
Best Theme
Best Bio
Best Friends
Interests:123: 7th heaven, a walk to remember, abercrombie, abercrombie 8, acting, ae, american eagle, aol, avril, awards, baby blue, basketball players, bath and body works, being crazy, being myself, best friends, blurty, body wash, boyfriends, boys, britney, candy, cell phones, chocolate, christina aguilera, christmas, church, claires, claries, cribs, cuddling, cute boys, dance clubs, dance team, dancing, dating, design, dismissed, dvds, elimidate, everwood, fashion, flirting, football players, friends, gc, gilmore girls, girly stuff, glitter, god, good charolette, hugs, ice cream, icons, j-lo, jlo, journals, kelly clarkson, kisses, kissing, legally blonde, lizzie mcguire, love spell, love stories, magazines, makeover story, making money, making out, movies, mtv, music, new found glory, nick carter, pac sun, pink, playboy bunnies, pop music, punk music, relationships, rue 21, save the last dance, shane west, simple plan, singing, skateboarders, skiiing, snow, snowboarding, spending money, starbursts, storms, strawberry, sum 41, summer, sunshine, sweets, swim team, swimming, talking on the phone, tanning, the breakfast club, the music man, the ring, the sims, the vines, trl, twins, vampires, van wilder, vin diesel, volleyball, walk by, wchs, webpages, wet seal, willa ford, winter, writing, wwjd, xbox, xtina, yoga, zack morris
Members:92: 742617000027, ad0rkkable_, adorkable25xo, alyxthexgreat, babybooboo, babydawlxo, babygirljade, ballet_slippers, beautiful_distr, br0ken_wish, brittwittlovesu, calientaxsara, cassidyrose, cdawg86, crazy_in_lov, diamz, dorkinesz_babe, drzlittleflirt, erection, foxxy_gurl2004, green_bean, highmaintenance, hopelicious, illride4u, incrediblenoise, irrezistiible, jesuswearsnike, jhubb87, justify_me_31, just_warning_u, katabulous, katluvr620, kayys_blurtiesz, lalaalyssa, letzriot, lilpunkprincess, lilsassyqt, little_missy_, loseyourself, love4sk8ers002, mack_me_pops, martah_mae, mee_stripp3d, meggibabi, misscrystalx0, mommat20, n0t_t0o_y0unq, not_listening, omaniakc, oxsweetzxo, piinkslipperz, pinkr0cks, psychoteer, puckthis, r0llin_st0ned, r0xygurl, reflecsh0nz, sexii_sweetz, simplyintoyou, sitonmybumbum, skittl3s, softlybreathin, somethingmanic, staringup, strawberriiz, stripped31, summerland, sunshine_diva, suqa_baby_143, sweetxnxpetite9, tevy, tiickle_me_punk, tropicalbabi32, ursupernothing, whoremoans, x0xsamanthax0x, xbleedingheartx, xmandee, xobsessionx, xoluvablexo, xoocandaceoox, xoxo__broken, xxabercrombie, xxriotgirl, yer_kiss_kills, yoursinsintome, zdorknessz, _adorkable, _chickie, _illusiionz, _lauren, __adorable
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