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Below is information about the "...add me damnit..." community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:addmedamnit (81902)  
Name:...add me damnit...
Website:+maintainers journal+

this would be a community for people who feel that they are complete losers and have no friends so they turn to my community to find some... hehe sorry i'm silly;o)... anyways... this beautiful community you see before you is maintained by the oh so wonderful skittl3s... so feel free to add me too :o)

hMm... there aren't really any rules to this community... you know just respect everyone else or i will be forced to ban you from posting in this wonderful community every again muahahahaa...

ok that's about it... so knock yourself out and join damnit
Interests:19: add, add me, adding, amigos, best friends, blahblahblah, buddies, chums, compadres, damnit, friends, homies, journals, losers, making new friends, pals, penpals, people, talking
Members:762: View Members.
Watched by:173: ancient, androgynous_, angelgiirl, anothaheartache, antisynthetic, april_star, archie_4_me, ariesbabygirl16, ashie_luvs_y0o, atomic_bleu, audioboxrock, averagej, backboned, behind_the_soul, bluewolf, bohemiantragedy, brandz, brokenglass3188, cfergusonfan, chasing_sonia, coffee_and_cigs, coldturkey, constancemarie, crossxurxheartx, cute_demonica, daddys_dfect, dancindolli_, darkcreature, darklistener, discoverkitt, doggiedaddy, dontbehatin, dreamer_x, dw3eb, dyingdreamz, dyingwaffles, electricacid, emptybottles, endlessbattle, endless_apathy, etnies4life, faggotxabillion, fairy, fashi0n_focuzed, forgottenbeing, freeing, gcgurl119, ghetto_love, giblet, girl_trends, glitteryxspikes, grassroots, greenbear, gudog, hannah_luvs_ste, hesabombshell, hilla1389, hooligans808, hotaru_, icandisco_, ill_luvu_always, imxthexbladex, indescribable, innocentxwishes, insanecrazy, intoxicatemeplz, ixheartxrejects, i_amthekiller, i_love_my_baby, i_luv_dan, jadednconfused, jadedxfrustr8ed, jthm7777, juliannleek, karaokequeen85, killerque3n__, kinkypink, kittymiakat, knityre, ladi_k, ladyrhiannon92, lady_kat, last_train_home, leeleejane, lestatsprincess, lil_ursluutx07, lost_emo_kidd, macrodawg, marejaney, markings, marvel_chik89, mary_anne, melikelli, misz_understo0d, mmspooky, mtdewme, murder_scene, muse_boy, mywordsconfuseu, nevereveragain, nfgkatie, nixi, nokturnel, nothinq, onechordwonder, peanutpal, peepshows, piiinkchuckz, piinkx, piink_kiisses, pimpette_twist_, pink_lacquered, poisonlove, poison_cherry84, pressurepoints, prettyinpinkx, prittypinktutu, rubyxwonderful, sarahpotter18, sarintangarine, sats, septembershaw, sexie_angie, sex_crazedmofo, shemaybetray, silverwinter, singlemalthuman, snoozy, so_pimpalicious, spanky69, starfuker, starletz, starrswept, starsxcollide, stinkbombsuzie, strikeaposer, sugarpunk020, supa_gloriious, superarno, sw33tinn0c3nc3, tokyoporn, travestyoflove, twilightserene, ugly_alliie, un4gotten_angel, uniquely_lit, un_loved, utopianhaze, via_dolorosa, w0o, ...
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