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Below is information about the "Adam Brody Fans" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:adambrodyfans (464119)
Name:Adam Brody Fans
Website:Adam Brody Net
About:everlong runs this community in appreciation for the talented Adam Brody!

Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • If and when posting The O.C. spoilers, please use the LJ-cut tag, because not everyone wants to know them!
  • When posting many photos that might disalign people's friends pages, again, please use the LJ-cut tag!
  • No anti-Adam Brody, please. Why would you be here anyway?

  • Interests:27: adam brody, benjamin mckenzie, chris carmack, dave rygalski, dustin knight, gilmore girls, grind, growing up brady, jimmy cooper, julie cooper, kelly rowan, kirsten cohen, luke ward, marissa cooper, melinda clarke, mischa barton, now what, peter gallagher, rachel bilson, ryan atwood, sandy cohen, seth cohen, smallville, tate donovan, the o.c., the oc, the sausage factory
    Members:56: 4allmankind, aesummergrl8, amandaissweet, bl00dyval3ntine, clairemarier, everlong, falling_star05, february_stars, goofy_stooey, gravitygirlx_01, grotesque_grace, hella_mami, hitormissme33, hurleygirlie328, hurleyxgirl, just_stop, kell3788, kimmy_mee, liltanner_32, markerss, melloyello257, music24777, necessaryevil, pinkmonkeylit, pink_bra_strap, punkgrl8806, rachel_m, rckrkc, retrochika14, sabby05, she_fades_away3, shordy_bonkaz, silvervisje, simplyintoyou, starpixee, strikeapose, sweetcheekiez10, tearsxofxglass, thegreatindoors, thirte3n, timidturtle17, victoriax3, vintage_, violence, whenkellycries, xfrancescax, xmestupx, xxpray, yes_no_maybe_so, your_all_gay, _adamxbr0dy, _bleedingforyou, _chickie, _n0betterlove, _tropiical, ___promise
    Watched by:23: auroranangel, bl00dyval3ntine, endizforever, everlong, hurleygirlie328, kimmy_mee, liltanner_32, markerss, necessaryevil, pinkmonkeylit, pink_bra_strap, punkgrl8806, rckrkc, she_fades_away3, silvervisje, simplyintoyou, starpixee, sweetcheekiez10, thirte3n, timidturtle17, victoriax3, vintage_, _chickie
    Account type:Free User

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