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Below is user information for AD0RkABlE BAYBii<3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ad0rkable17 (806124)
Name:AD0RkABlE BAYBii<3
hey my name is maria. im from new jersey. it isnt that great but i try to make the best of it. im a dancer, singer, and actress. ive been dancing as soon as i could walk. i started taking singing lessons when i was 5. those were the good ol days. my teacher was awesome and i have a crush on a boy in my class haha. he was my best friend a few years ago, but we drifted apart. i always used to act like different ppl when i was little, but it wasnt until i was 8 i started taking lessons. i used to go to Broadway Bound. i got kicked out of there, thank god. now i go to For Dancers Only where i have been improving. if u saw me dance before i got kicked out of BB and now you saw me dance, there would be a HUGE improvement. ive also changed my favorite type of dance. at BB i LOVED tap and hated ballet. now i LOVE ballet and dont like tap as much. even tho the new steps i learned are fun. at my new school, theres two broadway kids. theyre in that show thing that Greg Raposo, Chris Trousdale, and Barry Cavanaugh were in. to my personality. uh i can be nice. i usually am nice and friendly, but piss me off and that changes. ill admit it, im a hypocrite. yea im two faced. i hate conceited ppl too. oh and tattoos since my cousin got hepotytis from one and died. im an honor student in school. for my final grades, i would have gotten straight a's, but i got a b in english. :\ if u need to know anything else, just ask =)
Interests:21: acting, aim, aol, being happy, being loved, cd's, clothes, dancing, dvd's, getting good grades., greg raposo, hanging out, jesse mccartney, jewelry, movies, shoes, shopping, singing, starbucks, summerland, timmy mccartney
Friends:3: iadorearagorn, sweetdoom, _firebolt_
Friend of:1: sweetdoom
Account type:Free User

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