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Below is user information for LoRaA sAgEt. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:actpanestar (375641)
Name:LoRaA sAgEt
Website::::LoRaA bOb:::
Location:Palm Springs, California, United States
AOL IM:actpanestar (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey i am Loraa i go to San Clemente High and i like to act take bunch of pictures and listen to Emo non stop....guard is cool too!....... Elvis rox my sox!
Interests:150: acting, adam sandler, alice in wonderland, aloha, ambiguous, aol, ataris, avril, bacardi, band, beauty, blink, blink 182, blondes, braids, brand new, bras, brother, calmness, cameras, candy, checkered, click, clockwork orange, cock, coconut rum, cold, computers, converse, cool aid, cool water, crying, ctr, dad, dancing, dashboard, dc, diet coke, disney, dreams, elvis, emo, eyeliner, eyes, ezekiel, family, finch, flag team, flash, flirting, food, football games, friends, fuck, games, glitter, good hair, grape, graphic, guard, guys, hair straightners, hansen soda, honesty, hoodies, hot guys, hurley, incubus, independent, indie, inside jokes, jet, kauai, laughing, life, light blue boxers, long drives, love, love notes, malibu, marijuana, maroon 5, me, memories, messy buns, mom, mormon, moulin rouge, mountian dew, movies, music, nails, never heard of it, new friends, new stuff, nicknames, no doubt, old friends, pants, partys, photo, photography, pirates, porn, pot, punkers, red hot chili peppers, rifles, rock, romance, ruca, sadness, sex, shirley temples, sisters, sleeping, smile, smirnoff, snapshot, softball, spanking, spare time, stars, street fair, summer, sunrises, sunsets, super mario, swimming, taking back sunday, tears, the beach, the darkness, the pier, the postal service, the used, theater, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, tissues, underwear, vintage clothing, volcom, warmpth, warped tour, waves, weed, winterguard, wishing
Friends:10: banddorks, bigwolf, bong_hits, brittany_romero, jennieo0o, lftnthedrk, mmbigwolf, motivateme1342, shesaiddont42, trashy_emo_fan
Friend of:5: brittany_romero, jennieo0o, lftnthedrk, mmbigwolf, shesaiddont42
Member of:2: banddorks, bong_hits
Account type:Free User

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