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Below is user information for CAROLiNE. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:aching (76907)  
Website:Look at me
Location:Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States
Bio:I'm Caroline. I live in Oklahoma. It isn't really as bad as it seems. That's really about all.
Interests:101: 180, adam lamberg, ariel, babies, beauty, beck, ben kweller, black, blake shelton, blinkies, blurty, blush, boocray, boys, bracelets, bubbles, bud, cake, celebrities, cell phones, cheese sandwiches, cherries, chevelle, chris ledoux, coldplay, collin raye, communities, contacts, daisy, depression, disney, dogs, dreams, dresses, drums, evanescense, eve6, eyeliner, faith hill, finch, fishing, flowers, food, foozball, gadzooks, george strait, good charlotte, gordo, grand lake, green day, guitar, hair, hair brushes, happiness, hot, hot topic, hugs, hunting, icons, katie, kisses, lady and the tramp, laughing, lipstick, lizzie mcguire, lotion, love, lucy, lyrics, magazines, merril bainbridge, model, models, music, nelly, nitty gritty dirt band, oblivion, pink, poems, poetry, punk, rainbow brite, relient k, silly putty, simple plan, skirts, slinkies, smurfs, something corporate, songs, stars, still standing, stretch princess, sugarcult, sum 41, summer, sun, taking back sunday, tanning, tim mcgraw, train
Friends:29: abina, abner645, acception, aching, afflict, babypink_xo, beckley23, bellydance, bri22, brooklynbridge, elgee, hotpantstech, illride4u, inmyeyes, jdee, jordie, katypav, kaytea, kirbytee, little_defect, mekana, oh_baby, sexypenguin, shortisteph, sillypunkchik99, vanillacoke, xnataliax, xxrissaxx, _shine
Friend of:25: abner645, aching, afflict, bounciin, brooklynbridge, eeorye0702, frogstompsc89, gay_porn, hurtinqq, katypav, kaytea, lady_devils07, laurenlee, lenny, pinky_promise, pom, sexypenguin, shorty891, sillypunkchik99, spicy_, starry_skies, strips_naked, wildcherries, _addicted_, _fanny
Member of:4: 1000words, biofabulouz, design_wonder, iconsurequest
Account type:Early Adopter

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