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User:abrokenprince (832884)
Name:Deza Alexandré Storm
Location:West Columbia, South Carolina, United States

This is me... take me as I am... these are the musing, rants and raves of the days of a Dark Broken Prince... as well as those words from those who make up the Broken Kingdom..... this journal is FRIENDS ONLY.

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Interests:149: 13, 420, 80's music, ace of base, anastacia, angelina jolie, anime, anime boys, apoptygma berzerk, astrology, atlanta, back to the future, bisexual, black, black eyeliner, black nail polish, blue, bongs, boys, boys in eyeliner, boys in glasses, boys with painted nails, broke on payday, candles, cats, charlotte nc, chocolate whip cream, clerks, coffee, columbia sc, computers, concerts, creativity, crows, cruxshadows, daggers, dancing, dancing in mirrors, daria, dark rainbows, darkwave, david bowie, ddr, dead like me, deadstar assembly, depression, displaced youth, donnie darko, dorks, dragons, edgar allen poe, empire records, england, evil, eyeliner, faerie magick, faeries, friends, fuck you, full moons, gay goth, george acosta, ghosts, glass pipes, goth, goth boys, gothic, hackers, harry potter, hybrid, insanity, jaded, jay and silent bob, jersey turnpike series, johnny depp, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kylie minogue, labyrinth, leos, lightning, livejournal addict, long weekends, lost and found, love, loveparade, magick, mallrats, moonlight, movies, music, my money, my so-called life, myrtle beach, neverending story, new wave, night, not bitter, not so secret crushes, ocean sunrise, photography, photos, piercings, pop culture, pretty goths, purgatory the show, queer, rants and raves, ravens, reading, relationships, road trips, rockstars, sarcasm, scarves, shadow dancing, shadow walking, shadows, silver nails, silver rings, sketch missions, slytherin house, stevie nicks, storms, synthpop, tattoos, teasing, tequila, the 80's, the ataris, the birthday massacre, the craft, the crow, the cure, the last dance, this bores me, tim burton, vampires, vampyre magick, vampyres, vodka, water bongs, webcams, wide pants, wings, winter, witch, writing, zeromancer
Friends:6: bong_hits, dieselboixxx, dsa, nocuously, _eyelinerboys, _goth_
Account type:Free User

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