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Below is user information for what's up no lives. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:aahh_dinosaurs (73913)
Name:what's up no lives
Location:Long Island, New York, United States
AOL IM:definitely hip (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:This counter provided for free from! of you wish i was your homie.

hi, i'm sarah. the pleasure's all yours i'm sure.

we're both such magnificent liars
so crush me baby, i'm all ears.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:1: nothing
Friends:114: 86, aahh_dinosaurs, acid_candy, adrift_boy, affin_mann, amberxdream, amerillis, andthestarsfell, apologize, atombomb, atrocious, awful, babisweetxox, beer_bottle, bikiniskill, biochemical, breathe_no_more, cantyousee, cdnhockeyfan, comatose, corpse, crash, crashsunday, ctrlaltdlt, death_by_mohawk, death_by_socks, defiant_child, dilate, downthestreet, earthquakes__, eloquentbreath, emo_kiddo, endlesstears, erupt, falter, fraud, go_idareyou, h0neytothebee, hisheart_throbs, hookedoncoffie, iateyournose, in_view, itakeitback, iwishiwas___, jnmpure, katieness525, keepinitgangsta, knifelifestrife, lambchopstix, le_sigh, lightburnsclear, lipstick_collar, looknohands, losermonkey, morbid, moresweetsoul, muthatrucka, nerdo, ohbabyohbaby, oh_wow_its_amy, pensive, pictureperfect_, playhookey, polaroids_of___, posa, psht_whatever, raincoat, reeling, retardlyemo, roxys_boy, saturdaynight, seasicksmile, sh0tgunpulse, slasher, slowlyfallapart, so_what_if, spaceship, speeding_bullet, spookyloser, starrynite, starsconspire, str8trippin, toleranceiskey, tommygun, trailerpark, trigger__happy, tsunami_this, txtvs_romance, wackaweebit, wastedlife7, weightlessdream, wildstarfish, winternights, woodenfork, words_give_up__, worst_ex, xbrokenxheartx, xdianax, xpinkliquidx, xsiberiankissx, xsloth, xstaceyx, x_heart, yourfreakyqueen, zero, _bea, _dreamawayamy, _lipstick, _manders, _rust, _television, __heartattack, __juggalette, __vinylrecord
Friend of:43: 86, aahh_dinosaurs, amberxdream, amerillis, apologize, beer_bottle, breathe_no_more, cantyousee, comatose, crash, ctrlaltdlt, death_by_mohawk, death_by_socks, dewg, dilate, earthquakes__, endlesstears, falter, fraud, iateyournose, in_view, itakeitback, iwantariot, nerdo, pictureperfect_, posa, roxys_boy, seasicksmile, sh0tgunpulse, slightlyviolent, so_what_if, starrynite, str8trippin, toleranceiskey, wildstarfish, winternights, xdianax, xpinkliquidx, x_heart, yourfreakyqueen, _dreamawayamy, _rust, __vinylrecord
Member of:1: josho
Account type:Early Adopter

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