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User:a_piece_of_life (822486)
Name:Mandy V
Location:Hockessin, Delaware, United States
Bio:Hello all. My name is mandy. I'm 19. and well. this is my blurty. Umm. I absolutely idolize 30 seconds to mars. I like cheese a lot. And i love going to local shows for fun. i live in the middle of nowhere and thats fun too. i guess. thats it? feel free to im or email me if you would like to talk to me more or something. otherwise i guess you can check out my interests for other information.

(ps: let me know if you want to be added to the friends list because i love to have readers!)
Interests:67: 12 stones, 30 seconds to mars, absinthe glow, alice in chains, anthrax, aphex twin, band ohne namen, blindside, cheese, chester bennington, chimaira, collective soul, damien rice, earshot, emanuel nice, emile hirsch, everclear, evergreen terrace, evergrey, exploding dog, from autumn to ashes, garbage, godhead, golden earring, goo goo dolls, green jelly, grey daze, harmony grange, hoobastank, hula dancing, jared leto, jimi hendrix, lacuna coil, linkin park, local bands, lost in tears, mad at gravity, memento, motograter, mudvayne, my ruin, my so-called life, nightwish, nine days, orgy, powerman 5000, red light ambition, reveille, rob zombie, shadows fall, sleeping, smile empty soul, soulfly, spending money, spineshank, static x, stereomud, stone sour, talking online, the blank theory, the exies, theory of a deadman, type o negative, unjust, voivod, yellow sneakers, your mom.
Friends:10: a_riot_within, blurtysecret, hessian, lilgrl8158, miles_from_here, myinnervoice, seiyuu_otaku, torn_in2_pieces, unsent, yeahright4700
Friend of:11: acid_orgy, a_false_reality, a_riot_within, hessian, lilgrl8158, miles_from_here, myinnervoice, pirateriemann, seiyuu_otaku, torn_in2_pieces, yeahright4700
Member of:2: blurtysecret, unsent
Account type:Free User

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