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Below is user information for m. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:a_little_dream (741386)
Location:riverside, California, United States
Bio:my name is mandy.
my car broke.
the car i'm getting soon isn't fixed yet.
i don't know where i am going to be living in a month.
i like s&m.
i have a hand fetish.
i have a semi-boyfriend who lives next door to me.
Interests:85: art, b&d, backs, bdsm, beatings, being asked questions, being tied up, biting, blood, body mod, body modification, body mods, body painting, body piercing, bondage, candles, corsets, cutting, danger, dangerous sex, drawing, drinking, drinking alone, fetish, fetish photography, getting drunk, hair pulling, hands, hate, hating love, hating myself, hating people, horror, hugs with love, industrial, ink, knife play, knives, leather, lesbians, love, masochism, masochist, mods, mowhawks, music, nature, needle play, needles, nine inch nails, nipple piercings, orgasms, pain, painting, photography, piercings, play piercing, rain, reading, rolling rock, roses, s&m, sadistic guys, sadomasochism, scenery, sculpting, sex, shaving, sleeping odd hours, smoking, smoking too much, spanking, spikes, spikey hair, strike anywhere matches, surprises, tattoos, tetris, thinking too much, thrift stores, velvet, vinyl records, violence, water, writing
Friends:4: body_mod, fallenangeleyes, pixiedvl8, tomb_lily
Friend of:1: pixiedvl8
Member of:1: body_mod
Account type:Free User

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