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Below is user information for cupid's victim. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:a7x (541298)
Name:cupid's victim
Interests:93: a global threat, aahp, against all authority, age of ruin, albert react, alkaline trio, amazing transparent man, armor for sleep, assorted jelly beans, august premier, autopilot off, avenged sevenfold, avoid one thing, beneath the ashes, calico system, clit 45, curlupandie, death by stereo, defiance, destruction made simple, devotchkas, digger, dillenger four, eighteen visions, evergreen terrace, falling sickness, finch, flogging molly, from autumn to ashes, haste, hot water music, keepsake, kill your idols, lower class brats, manic hispanic, mi6, modern life is war, moneen, morning again, moving units....................., msi, mustard plug, my chemical romance, my girlfriend, name taken, nobodys, nofx, noise ratchet, none more black, on broken wings, one man army, open hand, ozma, piebald, poison the well, ramones, red hot valentines, rx bandits, samian, selby tigers, self destruct, skateboarding, sleeping, sloppy meateaters, snapcase, swingin'utters, tbs, the beautiful mistake, the blood brothers, the casualties, the damned, the distillers, the eyeliners, the judas cradle, the movielife, the plus ones, the queers, the unseen, the virus, the weakerthans, this day foward, thrice, throw bag, throwdown, thursday, too rude, tsunami bomb, ultimate fakebook, unearth, unsung zeros, until the end, walls of jericho, ♀♀
Friends:8: 70x7, darktiger, digmygrave, ec_law, evil_never_dies, gayxcore, nevereveragain, xblueangel87x
Account type:Free User

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