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Below is user information for i strive to be beautiful. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_xgashedx (308444)
Name:i strive to be beautiful
Location:New Jersey, United States
Bio:As much as i love Autumn,
im giving myself to Ashes.
Interests:122: 27, 30 ft fall, 72, 80, a new found glory, afi, avery, beaches, beads, bert mccracken, billie joe armstrong, black, blink 182, boys, bracelets, brand new, break my heart, breezes, bright eyes, broken and bruised, brown, candles, catch 22, christopher ender carrabba, chucks, coheed and cambria, collages, concerts, conor oberst, dashboard confessional, dashboard confessional unplugged, davey havok, day by day, death cab for cutie, deja entendu, dog tags, dookie, edward scissorhands, eyeliner, finch, fod, from autumn to ashes, full surrender, gibbler, glitter, good charlotte, green day, guitar, happy faces, hearts, homegrown, horoscopes, hugs, hurt, i appreciate brand new, igu, its only you beautiful, jamisonparker, jimmy eat world, king for a day, kurt cobain, less than jake, letters, letters to you, levis, life stories, lip gloss, lollipops, love, lyrics, magic wands, memories, mest, music videos, mxpx, nights under the moon, nirvana, november rain, old friends, one eight seven, patches, pearl jam, photography, picks, pink, poetry, quizzes, rain, rings, rufio, runaway train, ryan oberst, safety pins, secrets, shows, skirts, smile empty soul, snow, soco amaretto lime, socratic, spitalfield, stars, sublime, surveys, sxe, taking back sunday, tears, the ataris, the breakfast club, the great dissapointment, the juliana theory, the movielife, the rocket summer, the starting line, the used, the virgin suicides, the years gone by, truth, wakefield, weezer, winter, your eyes
Friends:6: crankybabyduck, elctrical_skies, fadedxmem0ries, jewishprude, lessthnperfect0, princessgc3
Friend of:6: elctrical_skies, greeneyedhoney, lessthnperfect0, mxpx3b13, princessgc3, xsincerelyus
Member of:11: a_make0verr, brandnew, dashboardfans, emojerseyrock, fuckyoulist, jerseygirlsrock, layout_r_us, lay_me_out, nirvana_fans, we_love_avery, x_free_shit_x
Account type:Free User

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