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User:_xdiirrtty (704776)

iinfO on me
hello my names megan im 15 years old nd` live in sebastian florida so much || dRamAh || lol. also i am taken by the best quy ever casey i like you soo much !! oh one twenty ninth oh four !! i attend sebastian river high school im also a cheerleader <0 for my school :) my hobbies include cheeriin .. partyiin .. beachiin it .. havin the time of my life with my friends also i love music any kind really mostly rap and r&b pop ohh gawd i just love it all loL well ... im me at to learn more x0x

to my friendz
i live for the nights i wont remember with the friends ill never forqet . . .spell you guy'z names out abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz love you all by the way your all there hEhE let me give aspecial shout out to my best friend in the whole world alison i love you sooo much your mypartnerincrime

to the best guy ever
casey!! im so glad were together 2 years of friendship definatly went along way i know the first time we went out wasnt at all what i wanted it to be but this is definatly different you make me so friggin happy i dont know what i would do if i were to lose you .. your worth every waking second of my time and i love it that you can make me smile anything anywhere casey+ megan oh one twenty ninth oh four . . your the closest to heaven that ive ever been

Interests:110: abercrombie, american eagle, american idol, aol, ashanti, beauty, bebe, bikinis, birthdays, black, blinkies, blurty, boyfriends, boyz 2 men, britney spears, bubble baths, candles, candy, casey, celebrities, cell phones, cheerleading, chingy, christina aguilera, clothes, coach, college, computers, concerts, cuddling, dancing, dreams, eyeliner, fashion, french manicures, friends, fun, gatorade, gunit, halter tops, hearts, hip huggers, hollister, hp, html, hugs from behind, icons, instant messages, jessica simpson, jewelry, kissez, laughs, lip gloss, louis vuitton, love, mac, magazines, make up, malls, manicures, mascara, money, moon, mtv, music, nail polish, nicole richie, paris hilton, partying, pedicures, perfume, pictures, piercings, pink, pizza, poems, pop, prada, presents, quotes, r&b, rap, real world, red, romance, sephora, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, stars, strawberriez, summer, sunglasses, surveys, swimming, test messeging, the hilton sisters, thongs, tiffany & co., toe rings, tv, vacations, vh1, victoria's secret, von dutch, web design, white, xmas, xtina Friends:1: craziness01 Friend of:2: craziness01, jennylynn Account type:Free User Date created:2004-02-03 21:14:45Date updated:2004-03-10 18:59:36, 562 weeks agoClients used:Web: 1.1Journal entries:1Comments:Posted: 3 - Received: 3
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