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User:_xander_ (335236)
Name:Xander Harris
Bio:Hi, I'm Xander Harris. I'm just your average run of the mill kind of guy. Now my friends, that's a totally different story. My bestfriend for life Willow is a witch, my bestfriend since High School Buffy is The Slayer and her sister is this Key Thingy that is suppose to be special, not quite sure about it all. Plus I'm also friends with Giles who is really cool for an old guy. Being friends with Buffy and Willow basically means my life isn't going to be dull. But I wouldn't trade being friends with them for anything. I will help Buffy take care of Dawnie, and will try to help the gang anyway I can. I may not have any special powers, but I will always try to come through for Buffy when she needs me.

(Disclaimer: This is a fictional journal. It is also about a fictional character, which I do not own or claim to own. 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon et al. own the characters of BTVS and Angel. I'm just playing with him in a Buffy/Angel Online RPG for fun, no infringement is intended.)
Interests:36: angel, angelus, anya, anyanka, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cheese, construction, cordelia, darla, dawn, dingoes ate my baby, doyle, drusilla, fred, giles, gunn, harmony, magic box, money, nerds, oz, riley, slaying, spike, tara, the magic box, vampire slaying, vampires, vengeance demons, wesley, william the bloody, willow, witches, xander
Friends:10: anya__jenkins, buffyverse_ooc, slayer__buffy, slayer__faith, sunnydale_times, the_buffyverse, _dawn_, _giles_, __spike__, __willow__
Friend of:8: anya__jenkins, slayer__buffy, slayer__faith, the_mayor, _dawn_, _giles_, __spike__, __willow__
Member of:2: buffyverse_ooc, the_buffyverse
Account type:Free User

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