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Below is user information for I guess the world has made emotion obsolete. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_twiztidbitchx (196237)
Name:I guess the world has made emotion obsolete
under construction
[i suppose]
Interests:132: 7-10 split, a new found glory, adidas shoes, alkaline trio, allister, amanda, american football, annie, anybody killa, art, babar, band tees, baseball games, batman, beauty and the beast, being in love, big money hustlas, bigwig, blaze ya dead homie, born twiztid, bowling for soup, brand new, bright eyes, candles, cartoons, cell phones, chuck e. cheese, cold pizza, crying, dancing, dancing in the rain, dark lotus, dashboard confessional, day dreaming, death cab for cutie, disney movies, drive thru records, empire records, fall, fenix tx, finch, finding westerly, football, froot loops, further seems forever, gameboy, guitar, harley quinn, holding hands, homegrown, hoodies, hot rod circuit, hot water music, house of krazees, huck it, insane clown posse, jamie madrox, juggalettes, juggalos, jumpsteady, keepsake, koolaid, kottonmouth kings, laughing, lil shank, lilo and stitch, lucky charms, lyrics, mad hot passionate sex, michelle branch, midtown, mixed tape, modest mouse, monoxide child, movies in spanish, mr t experience, mxpx, my babar blanket, new amsterdams, pajama pants, peach faygo, peeing, piebald, pierced tongues, plastic bracelets, playing with hair, poetry, powerpuff girls, psychopathic records, psychopathic rydas, puddle jumping, punk juggalos, reading, rehab, road trips, rocket power, rufio, rx bandits, saves the day, scrable, shaggy 2 dope, sleeping, sleeping all day, sleeping in class, small brown bike, something corporate, stars, steel train, sticky feet, strike anywhere, student*rick, sugarcult, taking back sunday, taking baths, talking on the phone, text messages, the all american rejects, the anniversary, the ataris, the early november, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the lyndsay diaries, the movielife, the offspring, the starting line, the used, trust company, tube socks, twiztid, violent j, writing
Friends:28: arson, bad_star, cruddy, eat_stars, evilshopingkart, feel_so_callous, halfway_gone, heatxfriction, icpnkmkgirl, jessielynn220, matchsticks, merely, myonlylight, pimpette_twist_, poeticdevice, poison_lush, shorrtayyy14, sinful_kitten, sobbing, waitingonyou, xfallenstarx, xfallen_starx, xmost_breakable, xstephee, _letmedown, _timeaftertime, _xfallen_starx_, __juggalette
Friend of:26: bad_star, deadbodyman, eat_stars, emptythoughts, evilshopingkart, fadingaway_, feel_so_callous, heartspoken, heatxfriction, icpnkmkgirl, i_love_davin, jessielynn220, matchsticks, myonlylight, nikkie_2k3, pimpette_twist_, poison_lush, sinful_kitten, waitingonyou, xfallenstarx, xfallen_starx, xmost_breakable, xstephee, _letmedown, _xfallen_starx_, __juggalette
Member of:4: emolyrics, lyricsnquotes_, merely, poeticdevice
Account type:Early Adopter

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