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Below is information about the "Surreal RPG." community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:_surreal (153048)
Name:Surreal RPG.
Website:the mod journal
Welcome to _Surreal.

(1) Please remember to update your journal as much as possible. Atleast once or twice every 2 weeks. This is to make sure our RPG stays alive. If you fail to update, we will remove you from our community, IF you haven't given us a valid excuse. (ie- vacation, tests, computer trouble)
(2) If you get into a conflict with someone OOC, do not bring it IC, please.
(3) NO members of Play or Dreamstreet... or whatever those stupid 10 year old groups are called, please. We want mature RPers.
(4) Use a realistic time set. For example, if your character announces that she is pregnant on May 3rd, she cannot have the baby on May 7th. If your character is flying from New York to Russia, it can't take an hour. Just be realistic, ok.
(5) DuN tYp LyK dIsH!!!!111~~~. It's hard to read, and it's annoying as fuck. Type out "you" instead of "u." It doesn't take that long, mmk?
(6) NO Play/Dreamstreet/No Secrets/Whatever other lame 14 year old groups there are. We want mature RPers, k.
(7) Don't be Amanda-ish. IE- Don't make your character suicidal and bring uneccesary drama. Be realistic, PLEASE. Oh - and Amanda, don't bother joining. 'Cause we'll find out and remove you. ::sweet smile::
(8) State somewhere in your info page that this is all fake. Unless you want to get sued, or something.

How To Join
(1) Create a journal of the celebrity you want to play. The username should be easy for others to recognize who you're playing. (IE - if you're playing Avril Lavigne, your username could be "lavigne___, or avy_l" or anything else recognizable. Nothing like "sk8erpunk18" or some shit, k) If the character you want to play is taken, look in their journal and if they haven't updated in 2 weeks, talk to the mod and we'll see if you can have the role.
(2) Get an AIM name. We will be very active on AIM, and it's a must.
(3) Have an intro post. It doesn't have to be a novel, a few lines is acceptable.
(4) Comment in surreal_mod's journal with your AIM name, and you're set.

On hold.
Paul Thomas
Members:9: amanda___m, aquilera, britnay_, k_lee_osbourne, maj_delfino_, paul_thomas_, surreal_mod, _kell_clarkson, __benji
Watched by:9: amanda___m, aquilera, britnay_, kylie__minogue, k_lee_osbourne, maj_delfino_, _kell_clarkson, __benji, __branch
Account type:Early Adopter

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