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Below is information about the "tiffany" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:_slitmywriszt (812009)  

Ab0ut ThiS pUnk RocK PrInc3sSz -
ErYoNe ScR3aMz: TiFfANy HaIr ShE fLiPz: BlONdE EyEz tHaT sPaRkLE: hAzEl sCh0oL sHe RoCkz: WeSterN BraNch StAtUz: SinGl3-n-sTiLl-L00kiN' Bo0kz ShE lUvS: Like Sisters On The Homefront, Good In Bed, and Prozac Nation pLaCe ShE r0ckZ iN: U.S.A (ThaTz ALl U nE3dA kNoW)

Scr3aMerZ -
Keke, Kristen, Morgan Short, and if you actually thiink you should be up here, then tell me..

iT'z AlL cHiLlin' -
blah... what do i like to do? chat... chat... chat.. and ... hmm... go to the mall.... and umm.. flilrt with guys.. haha...

NoT wHiLe I'Ma 'RoUnD -
talkin' bout me, 2faced ppl, liers, fakes, phony ppl, ppl that betray you, etc...chelsea harrison, as if shell ever read this...

GoTtA GiMmE CrEdIt -
i Do background and layouts, and icons, and friends signs.. what you want, baybe i gots.. hehe.. so juss email me, and it'll be done, juzz gimme credt...

this journal is friends only, because i just like it that way... i add almost anyone who wants to be added, because i love making new friends.. but you cannot bad mouth me or any of my friends. Its easy...oh, and being a friend of mine, has benefits.. i do backgrounds and stuff for my friends before i take requests from the randomers... lol.. bcuz my blurty friends r always here for me... *TIffany* lub yall

MaH MuSiC -
i lyKE r &b, emo, punk/rock,

ScreaM @ MeH -
E-mail --» AIM --» whizperznurear, xotoofly4u, and i have about 12 more.. haha... i.m. me on the first one though, thats the one im mostly on. Yahoo --» tifsmail Feel free to IM me sometime! <33 *tiffy*

My communities-
str8_lay0utz where you can request anything from a to z... and me n Kristen can help... _slitmywriszt... where you can come and share your feelings about ANYTHING.. form cutting, self injury.. to problems at home.. or even if you had a great day and want to share... please join my communities.... we need ppl to help us start them off... after 10 ppl, you have to start getting voted in.. so hurry hurry... (this is only for _slitmywriszt) first ten egt in with no hassel! ;)

Members:11: acid_rayne, alltearsshatter, bleeding_lolli, heartcxre, ihate_myself, imborderline89, lost_faith, nkdbeautynbeast, oh_so_steller25, randyq029, xxhopelessmegxx
Watched by:6: bleeding_lolli, heartcxre, imborderline89, lost_faith, oh_so_steller25, xxhopelessmegxx
Account type:Free User

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