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User:_simplyaddicted (253319)
Location:United States
Bio:Hey. My name's Lisa, but most people jus call me Lis, Shorti, or Lisa Rie. Im 17 years old + an upcoming senior (finally, lol) @ Musselman (nothing to be proud of there!@!) I have brown hair + brown eyes + I wurk @ "8513".. Anything else ya wanna kno? Jus ask + I might tell ya. Buhbyess =)
Interests:68: 50 cent, 8 mile, 8 simple rules, ashanti, ashton kutcher, avril lavigne, bands, basketball, beaches, black, blue crush, blue skies, brittany murphy, cars, cds, celebrity gossip, celly, cheerleading, cheese, chuck comeau, concerts, crabs, csi, danny masterson, david desrosiers, dawsons creek, dreams, drumline, drums, dvds, eminem, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., four wheelin, friends, good charlotte, guys, hilary duff, internet, jeff stinco, jennifer lopez, kitties, love, mikes hard lemonades, mila kunis, mtv, music, nick cannon, orange cream slush, pandas, peanut butter, pierre bouvier, pimps, pink, punk'd, puppies, purple, radio, red, rubberbands, sebastien lefebvre, shrimp, simple plan, sk8er bois, steak, that 70's show, thugs, turtles, what a girl wants
Friends:9: baybiephat, celebrity_claim, claims, cuteblondchyk01, eyebrowz01, geminibabie, sweetnsexi, xemilyjx, xsongclaims
Account type:Free User

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