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Below is user information for jackie!`*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_shininq_star_ (29444)

?#@! ABOUT HER..
Heyyy! My name is Jacquelyn , bka, jackie * jc * J * hoe * ackie J *. Im puertorican and proud of it. Im 14 years old & i dont really look it. I have had people tell me they think that im alot older. ive gotten 21. The worst part is telling them my real age, i hate to disappoint them. lol... I love my girlies --> michelle . alicia . rox . nicole . marina . ashley, etc. Oh, to know me, it is required you know im pretty much obsessed with VIN DIESEL & i love MICHAEL VARTAN!! complete hotties!! I love to do the whole HGS thing... haha alicia. If you wanna know what that means, we'd have to kill you first. ;]

?#@! ?!WHAT DOES SHE LiKE ?!..
I like to have fun! Im very outgoing and most of the time very loud! haha, basically wherever me and the gang go, its never ordinary. Its never just a " group outing " , we always make it original. You hang with us, and you'd never regret it. I like to listen to music, watch movies, you know the deal. I dont really like to watch tv with an exception of a few shows. I only do when im really bored and theres nothing else to resort to. My two favorite movies are ' Fast and the Furious ' & ' 2 Fast 2 Furious '. I cant decide which one i like more, haha. Gesstures and Catch Frase are the best games ever! if your ever bored, those are the games to whip out. lol ummm, Next!

?#@! AMIGAS..
My ladies are awesome! They are the best people and friends ever!
Michelle - Girl, where does it start and end with you? Well it will never end , ill tell you that much. Your soo awesome and i love you so much. You've stayed so true and thats one of your best qualitys. You dont take shit from people and i admire that. Not to mention your one HOTT boxer! haha. Anytime you have any boy trouble, my doors always open. You can always run to me with any problem! I am here for you whenever you need me. You are so beautiful,inside and out. i love you so much girl.MAPV*BFFAE!
Alicia - MY HGS BUDDY! lol haha your so fun to hang out with. We always have the best times together! You are truely so amazing and i love you so much. These arent just words . You are like my sister and i can run to you with anything. I mean seriously over the year we have known each other, we have been through so much, maybe even more that regular friends have gone through. lol hint hint - overbloated whales haha - Best Friends Forever! Nothing could ever stand between the bond we have. <3 i love you babe. BFFLAB!
Roxie - Sup dirtbag? lol trailor trash!! haha ... P. daddy! Whats puffin? haha , your sooo funny! I love your humor & sarcasm babe! You've stayed true to me through everything. I love you so much. You have gorgeous eyes! Your the best babe. i love you so much! <33 bffae!
Marina!! I love you! Bus Buddies!! Your my russian hottie! Im glad we've became better friends over the year. Your an awesome girl. <33 love ya babe. -- Always stay true to your friends. Never take them for grantite. -- I love you girls!

Take a look at my picturetrail account. My best friend alicia is on there with me as well. If for any reason the picturetrail account isnt working, then just email me and i'd gladly send you a pic. Comment me for the picturetrail account address. you and i must have each other on our friends lists tho. <33

thanks to MichelleC_Shell_ for the userinfo! <33

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