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Below is user information for *// sexed up. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_sexedup (810640)
Name:*// sexed up
Website:*// shimmer
AOL IM:Girl r4c3r (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:p0ss3ss3d
Jabber:I'll jabber you, bitch

Her name is Linzi, she is sixteen years of age and will be seventeen on 22/01/05. She lives in a small town in the east of Scotland and is currently completing her last year of high school, studying german, physics, computing and philosophy. She hopes to go to either college or university to study graphic design. She is in a relationship with a 20 year old guy named Kenneth and they have been together since 21/03/03. However they have been through alot together and often do not get along. She is obsessed with modified cars and will own a black citroen saxo vtr in around 5 months time. She has long blonde straightened hair which goes half way down her back, blue eyes, tanned skin (from a bottle) and long legs. She becomes jealous very easily, is too trustworthy and can be quite vain. She has very bad taste in men, however Kenneth is an exception.

She adores; cars, computers, kenneth, ghd hair straighteners, st tropez, fizzy cola bottles, rainbow dust, smirnoff ice, irn bru, one on one, hollyoaks, river city, bad girls, finding nemo, the fast & the furious, garlic butter pizza, being left to do her own thing, online journals, graphic design, making icons & her best friends jemz & shaz.

She hates; cruelty to animals, joqqers, people who think they are better than me, the creepy guy in the local corner shop who always knows what i want before i ask for it, the cold weather in scotland, people who won't take a hint, big brother & lots more.

Journal friends only. Add me first, then comment telling me you've added me.
Interests:124: 2fast 2furious, 8 mile, alcohol, as told by ginger, bad girls, bay, biker boys, black, blink 182, blue, blusher, boots, boys, brittany murphy, busted, camera phones, cars, cds, chatting, cheese, chocolate, citroen saxo, clothes, clubbing, cola bottles, computers, coronation street, crisps, cruising, d2, dairylea, dance, dancing, david ryan harris, dawsons creek, denim, driving, dvds, eastenders, emmerdale, eye shadow, eyeliner, fake tan, family, finding nemo, fizzy sweets, footballers wives, foundation, friends, ghd, giggling, good charlotte, gossiping, graphics, guys, hair, halfords, happy hardcore, heat, hello kitty, hollyoaks, hula hoops, internet, irn bru, jeans, jewellery, johnny knoxville, jonny wilkinson, kissing, lads, laughing, livejournal, love, lucozade, make-up, mascara, mates, mattie jay, men, modified cars, moisturiser, money, motorola v300, music, nail varnish, nails, nelly, one on one, peanut butter, peugeot 106, pink, purple, r&b, racing, river city, river island, rnb, sandwiches, saxo, scooter, sex and the city, shockwaves, shopping, showers, sleeping, smirnoff ice, snowboarding, special d, st tropez, strappy tops, stripey socks, summer, talking, television, thongs, tops, topshop, trance, txting, vest tops, vodka, water, will and grace, your face or mine
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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