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User:_screamer_joel_ (201531)
Name:Joel Madden
Website:Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Location:waldorf/Naptown, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:DaHotTwinJoel (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:hey i'm Joel Madden and i'm in the band Good Charlotte maybe you've heard of us. if not you STINK!!! *laughs* i'm the singer and i'm better than my twin Benji!!

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User Number: 201531
Date Created:4-16-2003
Number of Posts: 28

Joel Madden is the lead singer of the band Good Charlotte. He loves his twin brother named Benji although they do fight sometimes. but hey what do you expect brothers to do? He loves pretty much everyone as long as they are not bitchy towards him all the time. He knows he isn\'t perfect no matter what Benji tries to tell him
Strengths: friendly most of the time, talking to Benji, Working things out together with Benji, writting songs, singing, ghetto dancing, looking for pictures to post of Benji, isn\'t too selfish *nods*
Weaknesses: mandy moore, benji, being emo, drinking too much, fighting with benji, Benji!Joel action, Benji!Joely!Tony action, Joel!mandy action, hurting poeple without knowing it
Special Skills: being able to finish whatever benji starts to say, being there for the most part, singing, ghetto dancing
Weapons: his ghetto dance, his innocence, and microphones
Allies: Benji Madden, Mandy Moore, Tony Lovato, Ginger Reyes, Larisa Oleynik, Avril Lavigne, Matt Lovato, Jeremiah Rangel, Paul Thomas, Billy Martin, Chris Wilson, Evan Taubenfeld, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah Madden

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mandy- cause well hi i love her with everything i have in me. *nods* nothing can or ever will change how i feel about you. and hi we rule at grossing benji out! *laughs*

benji- well hes my twin brother, best friend and hi i love him no matter how many times we fight. if you need me ever man you know how to get me.

tony- he is my NYNY and i love him. i'm here for you always dude.

larisa- cause well hi she is with my brother and i know she is happier with him then she was with me. and i love her and i am here for you whenever you need me chicka.

sarah "mod god"- well it wouldn't be complete without a mention of her.

Interests:11: clubbing, girls, good charlotte, music, mxpx, new found glory, rancid, sex, simple plan, singing, tv
Friends:90: ali___larter, allman_quinn, ally_donna_r, amanda__moore, amyacker_, amy__xx, ashton_kutcher, a_lazzara, a_pinkness, bangin_jesse, bert_used, blood_clot, branden_, brann_matthew, britty_j_spears, brodyxarms, brynn_, call_me_kendal, canada_rules, chadmmurray, chazy_b, chels_croft, cowell_simon, damon_m, darkangel_jess, david__d, ejxlovato, ej_lovato, foxxy_bass, gwennistefani, hurr_celebs, hurr_convos, hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_lyrics, hurr_mods1, hurr_mods2, hurr_ooc, isla_fisher, jen_delonge, jeph_is_used, justin_r_t, ju_timberlake, kari_delonge, katie__holmes__, kell_lee, kiddieness, kkelly_clarkson, lil_sarahmadden, lovin_lena, maria__aguilera, markxhoppus, mattphillippe, matty_lovato, michelle_l, milena_kunis, m_noda, m_schuman, m_schuman_, natalieportman2, pierrebouvier__, pristina_aggy, rancid_tim, rockinstaci, rpg_ads, sebastien_, shanewest_, shanna_, shelli___lynne, skatin_avril, skye_hoppus, strippedxx, sum_bizzy, sum_stevo, taubenfeldx, tommy_delonge, travisbarker182, xolarisa, xx_benji_xx, x_jud_x, _beloved_, _hayhay_, _jere_rangel, _lori_, _meagan_, _regret_, _reid, _screamer_joel_, __halo__reyes, __hg_adam
Friend of:83: 0rlando_bl00m, acker_amy, ali_g, amanda__moore, amandy_moore, amyacker_, anna__paquin, arizonaxx, aslavetocheese, ava_ballerina, ava_delonge, a_jolie, a_pinkness, bigbubba_jt, blood_clot, boneyard, brann_matthew, brittanyxm, brittish__murph, britty_j_spears, burnsy_bbmak, caldwell_k, call_me_kendal, cardellinda, claire_forlani, david__boreanaz, digital_dreamr, dommies_hobbit, eliza_dsku, facinelli_, gigglishways, gwennistefani, gwen_s, gwyn_paltrow, idol_with_ears, iyari, i_am_evan, jaded__girl, jakeb_g, jakegyllenhaal_, jen_delonge, joey_phatone, justin_r_t, kaotic_nickolas, katie__holmes__, kell_lee, kennedy_mason, kinky_toph, kristin_xkreuk, k_holmes, linds_lohan, maj_d, markxhoppus, matty_lovato, matt_x_lovato, michelle_l, mila__kunis_, mrprinzejr, nick_the_dick, oberst_c, paulthomas_gc, pa_posey, pristina_aggy, quinn_, reese____, sebastien_, shanewest_, shaun__white, skatin_avril, snowbunni6903, static_j, susan__ward, taubenfeldx, trace_ayala_, xgwen_stefanix, xtina_christina, xx_benji_xx, xzombie_girlx, _alexis_bledel_, _jere_rangel, _regret_, _reid, _screamer_joel_
Member of:8: duality_designs, duality_words, hurr_celebs, hurr_convos, hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_ooc, rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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