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User:_p0ison (456918)
Name:perfect `scar
Location:Florida, United States
AOL IM:thorazine memory (Add Buddy, Send Message)

× think you know? ×
my name is alessandra. its spelled a-l-e-s-s-a-n-d-r-a, so get it right, because no one ever seems to. i don`t see an X in there. if you do, then you suck. some people call me sandy though; i dunno how that started. i`m 16 years old and my birthday is 6.19. i live in florida, unfortunately. after i finish high school, i plan on leaving this state full of back-stabbers. anywhere but here; most likely uruguay since college is free there. i go on a trip every year, sometimes twice. you can say i`ve been through a lot in life i suppose. from heartbreaks to love to backstabbing to having true best friends. i can now say i have wonderful friends who i can count on whenever i need them. i recently quit my old job, due to the horrible mistreatment of the employees. i am now working at mcdonalds with my fellow co-worker and best friend derek. i play guitar although i`m not great at it. i also love to sing. only problem is that i`m a very shy person when it comes to singing. i hope to one day have enough balls to sing in front of an audience. that's one of my dreams, hehe.

× love life ×
i`m currently single actually kinda with chris you could say. we both like each other, and we're together all the time; he's such a sweet kid. my last boyfriend of 8/9 months broke up with me a while ago. he was my first love and longest relationship. i've had my fair share of boyfriends in the past. i had marco for about 2 months, then, i went out with nick, but our time was cut short due to him moving out of the country. we went out for about 4 or 5 months. before nick i had cody, joey, and john. there's more but my memory is failing me. i'm not a whore, i swear. ;D

× places i`ve traveled to ×
las vegas, california, new jersey, delaware, boston, new york, philadelphia, mexico, puerto rico, chile(x2), uruguay(x3), argentina, and in the future... south carolina, north carolina, georgia, hawaii, chile again and this summer, CANADA with sarah and chris to visit our buddy michael. yay, can't wait!

× the disliked ×
liars, cheaters, people who speak to me in spanish first cause of my last name, sluts, attention seekers, beets, cleaning, wannabe thugs, people who smell, CROOKED POSTERS, loud spanish individuals, excessive whining, ice cream, gay people who show up at a party knowing they like the same guy you like GRRRR, feet, certain people, people who try way too hard to fit in, annoyance, my temper, being bossed around, people taking my things without asking, mcdonalds drive-thru, 99% of mcdonald`s customers, people who tell you lies about what you did while drunk.(thats the fucking worst)

× the bands ×
brand new, cold, cky, taking back sunday, jack off jill, we bled victory, the used, deftones, further seems forever, etc.

× lyric ×
Gave you this i.o.u. today.
It said good for one galaxy.
Once i build my rocket to the stars.
We'll fly away just you and me.

Interests:36: a static lullaby, ashton kutcher, beer, bmw 325i, bracelets, brand new, bunnies, care bears, chorus, cold, count the stars, cuddling, digital cameras, drawing, drinking, driving, eyeliner, glitter, handcuffs, leopard print, lilo and stitch, love spell, lyrics, playing guitar, poetry, pompano indoor skatepark, purple, reeses pieces, singing, stars, stuffed animals, taking back sunday, the sims, the used, uruguay, we bled victory
Friends:9: anabanana136, damnedessayist, imperfectcry, jamezworld, megalove, trippinkitten, xxbrokenstarxx, _br0kenbullet, __bracelets
Friend of:8: damnedessayist, heywo0djablomi, imperfectcry, innocent_angelx, jamezworld, megalove, trippinkitten, xxbrokenstarxx
Member of:2: psptutorials, __bracelets
Account type:Free User

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