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Below is user information for ♥ MK Olsen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_marykate_ (86855)  
Name:♥ MK Olsen
Website:Disclaimer .
Location:Sherman Oaks, California, United States
AOL IM:MK aftermath (Add Buddy, Send Message)
[ I hope you know I'm not claiming to be the REAL Mary-Kate Olsen, because I'm not . This is only a Role Playing Game . I really don't mind if you read my entries in this journal, just don't comment them telling me useless shit I don't really care about .

You can't IM me on my role playing screen name because 1; I have it set so only people on my buddy list can IM me, and 2; I don't like getting IM's from random people . ]
Memories:1 entry
Interests:119: !!!!, ., . . ., 123, :-*, :[, :], :d, :o, :x, ;[, ;], ;d, ;o, ;x, ?!, a-diddy, a-pac, a-teens, aaron carter, abc, acting, alaina beaton, amanda bynes, anais lameche, anna sundstrand, annanti, asdkjfgh, ashley olsen, babies, barbie, being a twin, being ghetto, being hyper, being like marie, bitch, blah, bling bling, candy, cars, chocolate, chrizibit, craig velger, damn homie, dawg, eminem, fat ro, faye hamlin, fo shizzle mah nizzle, fo sho, frankie, frankie galasso, fuck, ghetto stuff, greg raposo, hi kids, hilary duff, hugs, ice cream, jake, jake epstein, jamie lynn spears, jesse, jesse smackartney, jessenile, jigga, jigga wha, jizz, jump 5, justin berfield, justin timberlake, kisses, la rule, lauren collins, libby hodges, lizzie olsen, lmao, lmfao, m-katie, making out, making trouble, marie serneholt, matt ballinger, mika, mikachu, mikelly, mmm, movies, ms ann-a-lot, mtv, muah, music, nai-z, nate mathers, no secrets, o.o, oy, phat, pink toilet paper, play, raic, rofl, rosie munter, shit, smoothies, son, spamming, stealing candy with nate, ta da, taylor, that's so raven, the color pink, the olsens, trent olsen, weehad, werd, werd up, xoxo,
Friends:46: ac_sugar, amit__paul, andyxx, anneliese_vdp, ashley_0lsen, barely_icons, barely_legal, barely_mod, barely_ooc, chris_t_, epstein, erin_tanner_ns, frank_alank, funkay_faye, gl0ssii, gregorysmith__, haylieduff, hillyduff, jamie_xx, jdlennevald, justin_b, kim_klapow, k_sheridan, lea_m, lesley_c_moore, libby_h0dges, lindz_lohanx, mandybynes, marie_s, mikababii, natexmathers, next_topic, play_anna, rosiemunter_, saris_, stevie_x_brock, xkirsten_stormx, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _craziichances, _greg_raposo_, _jessemccartney, _vancamp, _zachary_hanson, __lauren_c__
Account type:Early Adopter

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