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User:_loki (79011)
Website:My DeviantART Page
Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Bio: I no longer use Blurty. It's problems and maintenance issues are a real annoyance for me. I doubt I will return to update until said issues are resolved.

For now and more then likely permanently, my Journal is now over at Caleida. It is friends only much like Blurty. If you have a Caleida Journal. Add me there if you would like on the username 'Loki'.

That is all.

Well... I had a heap of crap in here at one stage... So I think I should start off saying something about myself. I'm big on self-awareness and understanding, trying to figure myself out so to speak. So you'll find I philosophise and rant every now and then between my often quite lengthy posts...

My Journal is Friends Only due to my desire for 'certain people' to not read my thoughts on them and knowing about what I get up to. I will respect you if you respect me and don't try to force your opinions on me...

I ONLY comment if I feel I can relate or offer some help, comfort or advice... I do not comment for the hell of it or for no reason... And I expect the same back... I don't like idiots, racists, violent types, players, 0r p30p13 wh0 +yp3 L1k3 d15... If you fit that bill, don't bother adding me...

Something I will say here... I more then likely do not fit the often stereotyped Aussie. I do not speak with a ridiculous accent while slipping in the word 'Mate' and 'Crikey'. I do not live in a mud hut, My relatives are not convicts and I sure as bloody hell don't drive a Kangaroo to work.

One other thing... Please at least have the decency to be polite and introduce yourself in some small way before adding me to your list, I find it rude people who just add and don't say anything...

If you've read this far... I'm impressed...

Interests:150: ac/dc, afterlife, alice cooper, alice in chains, aliens, angels, anger, animals, animation, anthrax, art, astrology, australia, awareness, axl rose, beatles, beer, black adder, black sabbath, books, bourbon, british comedy, bruce dickinson, cars, chating, chess, comedy, comics, computers, cowboy bebop, cricket, dark fantasy, dave mustaine, deep purple, demons, devils, digital art, dnd, doors, dragons, dreams, emotions, empathy, eric clapton, evolution, fantasy, fiction, films, fishing, football, forgotten realms, friedrich nietzsche, friendship, gemini, germany, ghosts, girls, graphic art, graphic design, guns and roses, hard rock, heavy metal, history, horror, humor, iced earth, insomnia, iron maiden, jay and silent bob, jerry cantrell, jimi hendrix, kevin smith, kiss, korn, lakes, leather, led zeppelin, life, lightwave, live bands, lovecraft, luis royo, lyrics, megadeth, melbourne, metal, metallica, monty python, motorhead, movies, multimedia, music, music videos, mythology, nature, neverwinter nights, nightmares, nirvana, novels, ozzy osbourne, paranormal, pearl jam, peircings, perfection, philosophy, photoshop, pink floyd, psychology, queen, queensryche, rain, ranting, ravens, reading, red dwarf, rock and roll, rugby, sarcasm, satire, science fiction, scorpions, soccer, sorcery, sorrow, spawn, speed metal, spirits, star wars, steve harris, storms, strategy, tarot, thunder, ufos, undead, understanding, vampires, voices, w.a.s.p., warcraft, warfare, wasp, water, web design, werewolves, wild turkey, winter, wolves, women, writing
Friends:13: apocalypsekitty, barimoney, brighterdays, felicitous, iheartcold, inga, nephilum, pixie_butterfly, satisfymysoul, scorpgirl116, suisou, tomegatherion, unraveled
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Account type:Early Adopter

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