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Below is user information for sandra. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_lipqloss (125492)
Location:Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:tree x goddess (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Heeeeey!! IM BACK!! -was on break from October till April-

My name is Sandra, Im 15, gonna be 16 this summer =) Im a soph at the gay WP, in Whippany NJ. I live in Cedar Knolls .. sooo boring. So i do a lot of weed and party<33 Im single .. dont really mind tho. Im blonde again!! Woo .. Im a natural blonde, but dyed my hair strawberry blonde, then red, then brown, then back to blonde =P Well, this is FRiENDS ONLY .. so comment if u wanna be added.
Interests:106: accessories, ace of base, anywhere but here, beach, bebe, being hyper, being random, being skinny, being thin, belly button rings, boyfriends, boys, bracelets, candles, candy, cell phones, chanel, charlotte russe, chokers, clinique, cliques, clothes, colors, cosmopolitan, credit cards, cruel intentions, crushes, dancing, doodling, drama, drinking, dudes, earrings, eating, exercise, eyeliner, fooling around, friends, fun, guys, happiness, hoops, hot guys, hotness, hyperness, jewlery, jumping, kinkyness, kisses, laughing, layouts, lipgloss, lizzie mcguire, lollipops, looking pretty, lyrics, magazines, makeup, mall, money, music, my lil pony, navel rings, necklaces, oldies, parties, piercings, pop, quizzes, radio, rainbows, randomness, rap, reading, recording, rings, ryan phillipe, sandals, sex, shoes, shopping, showers, singing, smiling, smoking, songs, summer, sun, surveys, tatoos, that 70s show, the color pink, thinking, thoughts, tommy hilfiger, trampoline, tv, venting, violence, warm weather, weed, wet seal, working out, writing, xoxo, yelling
Friends:20: barbiegirls, fadednforsaken, jacquie, jayle1287, jerseygirlsrock, just_stop, not_labled, piiink, pinkpreppypunk, pink_glitter, ravenseyecandi, satan219, t0o_sweet, walkdontrun, xdanilinx, xxlil_leoxx3, xx_nikki_xx, _glowstixx, _juiicy, _tatereddreams_
Friend of:20: brown1eyed7girl, crystal_tearz, not_labled, piiink, pinkpreppypunk, ravenseyecandi, samwiches, sk8erpunk889, sweetroses, tearsdry, undacoverangel, walkdontrun, water_goddess, wazoo, xdanilinx, xpunkchickx, xxlil_leoxx3, x_illusionz, _glowstixx, __skittles__
Member of:2: barbiegirls, jerseygirlsrock
Account type:Early Adopter

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