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Below is user information for dorkface<3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_kaboom (693582)
Location:New York, United States

Interests:147: !, *, 1988, 9, abercrombie, adam sandler, aeropostale, american eagle, american idol, austin powers, baby blue, bananas, beaches, being crazy, being happy, birthdays, black, blink-182, blinkies, blue, boxers, bracelets, bright colors, candy, cds, chinese food, chocolate, chopsticks, christmas, christmas music, claiming, claims, clarinet, clay aiken, communities, computers, cookies, cotton candy, cute blurties, delias, dogs, dots, dr. evil, drums, dudes, everwood, friends, fuzzy stuff, giraffes, giving gifts, glitter, goldmember, good charlotte, gorillas, gregory smith, guys, halloween, hawaii, hugs, ice cream, jason mraz, jellybeans, just being me, kazaa, kelly clarkson, kisses, life, lip gloss, little nicky, lollipops, love, mascara, meteor showers, mini me, movies, music, necklaces, new york, pajamas, parties, paul frank, penguins, perfect, piccolo, pictures, pierre, pierre bouvier, puka shells, puppies, random things, rat race, reeses pieces, rhinestones, rollercoasters, rolos, sandals, scary movies, scott evil, screaming, seth green, shooting stars, shopping, shorts, signs, simon cowell, simple plan, skittles, smilies, snow, snowboarding, soccer, softball, something corporate, soup, spaghetti, sparkles, starry nights, stars, starting line, straight hair, strawberries, sugar, summer, sweatshirts, swimming, swirlies, the anthem, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the color pink, the ring, the shining, the starting line, the used, things that smell nice, trl, turtles, twizzlers, urban outfitters, vacations, volleyball, watermelon, yay, yellow, yellowcard, you, your mom
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:2: holluh, irisheyes410
Member of:3: blurtyfriends, judgemyblurty, losin_r_extra
Account type:Free User

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