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User:_jumper (727380)  
Location:Hamilton, New Jersey, United States

Name: Lindsey
Sex Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135-140 lbs.
Date of Birth: 11/21
Current Home: Trenton, NJ
Current Location: Hamilton, NJ
Occupation: Doing your mom...;P
AOL IM: xxpunkahontas
Symbol: the Scorpion
Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto
Ruling House: Eighth House
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Body Parts: sex organs
Date with destiny: Cancer, Pisces
Run for the hills: Leo, Aquarius
Where you glow: investigating
Perfect jobs: private investigator, surgeon, anything that involves attention to detail
Pleasure: mystery, calling the shots, passion
Pain: exposure, simplicity, interruption
What's my line? Yeah, Baby!


obsessive, compulsive, narcissistic, self-deprecating, hopeless romantic, faithless cynic, introverted, self-conscious, confident, sensitive, generous, thoughtless, thoughtful, kind, distant, foolish, analytical, appreciates wit, appreciates irony, appreciates black humor, simple, complicated, straight forward, confused , conflicted, eccentric, crazy


Brief reflection on life: Boiled down to its most essential elements, I feel compelled to believe that life is merely the inevitable sequence of falling dominos in some incredibly complex electric equation. Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, senses, perceptions, and even knowledge itself, are all nothing more than a subatomic electric pulse finding the shortest path to equilibrium. Every part of matter, anti-matter, movement, and thought are dictated by some absolute, unseen set of rules. Life has no concern for fairness or justice, as we understand it. Life is merely a byproduct of energy racing towards its own state of peace, and our existence and awareness are little more than a byproduct as well.

Brief reflection on the universe: I hesitate to reflect on the universe. The universe falls under the same condition as life: a byproduct of some electrical path that we refer to as "existence" in its most encompassing and general form. The concept of infinity is brought to mind any time that I contemplate the universe. I cannot fathom and truly believe the concept of infinity to be possible, and yet I cannot fathom and truly believe that the concept of infinity could be anything but true. Nothing can be without end. There must be a boundary to everything. But what is beyond the boundary? Even a Möbius Strip ( is not beneficial in answering this. The infinity of a Möbius Strip relies on following a linear path; if you deviate from the path, you come to the end of the Möbius Strip. If the universe is like the Möbius Strip, then the universe is not truly infinite and there is something beyond the universe, even if that something is "nothing". But where does the nothing end? And what is beyond the nothing?

Brief reflection on "God": My ideas of life and the universe, and my inability to comprehend any idea of time and existence except that of a linear waterfall model, lead me to believe that there must be something greater that I cannot possibly wrap my human brain around. I can recognize that there is something beyond, but I cannot understand what, why, or how. Everything that I know comes from something before. Everything initiated has been initiated by something else. If we track this back, we must eventually come to a point when there was a first something. This something must have come from nothing. But something cannot come from nothing, so how did this first something come to be? This is what I attribute to "God"; the creation of something from nothing. God is the beginning of time, existence, and everything. Whether or not this God is the stereotypical Anglo-Saxon Judeo-Christian old-man-in-the-sky, or else some other embodied deity, I cannot even begin to claim knowledge of. For all I know, God may no longer even exist. Or perhaps God exists as we exist; the something from nothing, the first something, begat the second something from itself, and so the second something was in part the first something, and so forth. In this way, we may all be God-not individually, but collectively in conjunction with the entirety of existence.

Brief reflection on the greater meaning of life: My analysis on the nature of life may seem cold and uninspiring, but that is not to say that I do not see any meaning in life. I cannot explain how or why we have into our awareness, but I feel that it would be foolish to disregard it altogether. We have awareness, we have experience, and we have (-at the very least-the semblance of) free will. We all have our own ideas of how we should live life, and I think that we should at least attempt to live in such a manner.

Brief reflection on love: Love is a many splendored thing. Love is also one of the greatest curses a man (or woman) can know. True love is far too powerful to be as imprecise as it is. At it's greatest, love may be the defining experience of human existence; but when experienced in anything short of the ideal situation, it exemplifies the unfairness and uncaring of life and the universe. True love is something that is not always reciprocated equivalently and, even when reciprocated equivalently, is not always manifest-able. Therein lies the curse.

Me and my Sister

supernova saltwhore:
raining blood from a lacerated sky;

vicious beauty- lady death; misery loves company

i could swear i see a uterus under your shirt. i could dare to say that it's breeding every lie that encourages us to die and tells all of tall tales of remorse and regret. here's what my ovaries have to say to your uterus:
"burn these bridges- burn them fucking down, and may god damn the day we ever met."
dear hardcore; you're boring

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Dale Jr 2

Interests:150: (black liquid) eyeliner, american chopper, amphitrite, art, babies, bachman turner overdrive, band, beaches, billy joel, black lace, boogity boogity boogity, boston, brandon boyd, brandon lee, brooks & dunn, bruises, bugs, butterflies, caffiene, cheese fries, cherries, children, christmas lights, coconut, color guard, concerts, converse all-stars, corvettes, cory feldman, country, dachshunds, dale earnhardt, dale earnhardt jr, dashboard confessional, david beckham, dirty dancing, dolphins, edward scissorhands, eeyore, eyelashes, eyes, fall, fishnets, flowers, football games, ford taurus, formula one, funny car racing, germany, goddesses, gone in 60 seconds, grapefruits, greek mythology, guitarists, gummi bears, haldeman ford, halloween, hamsters, happiness, hearts, hoodies, hospitals, hot rods, ice skating, incubus, individuality, interview with the vampire, island beach state park, j-dog, jerry maguire, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john travolta, johnny depp, kenny chesney, kid rock, kisses, kurt cobain, law and order, levi's blue jeans, linkin park, long beach island, making people happy, marshmallows, metallica, muscle cars, music, nascar, natural tans, nine inch nails, nirvana, oldies, orange county choppers, oranges, passion, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pop rocks, puppies, race cars, racing stripes, red lipstick, rednecks, rob lowe, rock, romance, roses, salem's lot, sand, saturday night fever, shelby gt500, sho, siamese cats, silk, south park, southern accents, sporks, stars, stephen king, sunflowers, sunrises, sunsets, surfing, sweatpants, sweatshirts, swimming, system of a down, taco bell, tattoos, teddy bears, the 70's, the 80's, the boardwalk, the crow, the doors, the jersey shore, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, tigers, tom cruise, top fuel, top gun, tounge rings, trent renzor, trucks, vampires, van morrison, water, waverunners, west coast choppers
Friends:9: beyourself_, laurbabi2486, linkinpark1452, m0t0rbreathx, pictureperfect, sarstastic, wdarkmindz, xdrowningemo, x_pretending
Friend of:7: endlessdark_, laurbabi2486, linkinpark1452, pictureperfect, wdarkmindz, xdrowningemo, x_pretending
Member of:1: beyourself_
Account type:Free User

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