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User:_jessemccartney (14956)
Name:Jesse McCartney
Website:With All My Heart
Location:ghettoville, New York, United States
AOL IM:jesse xxxxxxxx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yo. I'm Jesse McCartney.

Chris and Aaron are my fellow ghetto angels.

I am going to buy millions of copies of Mika's soon to come out CD and she will go platinum.
I'm going to do a song with her and make a video, and we will be on TRL.

BLiNK 182
Me - Travis
Rosie - Tom
Aaron - Scott
Chris - Mark



Faye and I are Waddling Thunderbug PLAYer MAC'n it upers! WE are love-ERS.
You know, not LOVERS but instead of HATERS we're... LOVE'ERS! we rock. we are so cool.
we are so cool we make a room chilly. we invinted the freezer.
Interests:41: a-diddy, a-pac, acting, aim, anais, anna, ashley olsen, banannas, bikinis, bubble wrap, cake, chris, dancing, doritos, eating, fat ro, faye, gel, ghetto angels, girls, kissing, lauren, lindsay pagano, ludafaye, m-katie, making out, mika, ms-anna-lot, my hair, nai-z, oranges, pepsi, play, playstation, rosie, screaming, singing, sleeping, strawberries, touring, watching tv
Friends:94: ajtrauth, aj_trauth16, alaina_beaton, amit__paul, andyxx, anneliese_vdp, ashleexsimps0n, a_brilliaut, barely_icons, barely_legal, barely_mod, barely_ooc, bell_drake, bluebabii, brie_larson, brittanyh, brittany_s, bry_pimpman, camilla_belle, carroll, clay, c__lewis, dan_dan, dirrty_dan, eli_, emmawatson__, em__vancamp, epstein, erin_tanner_ns, felton_t, frank_alank, funkay_faye, gl0ssii, gregorysmith__, gregory_smith, hay__duff, jamie_xx, jdlennevald, jess_ns, jhene_chilumbo, justin_b, katiespencerxx, kcbattags222, lamberg, lameche__a, la_lainexx, lea_m, lesley_c_moore, leslie_xxx, libby_h0dges, lick_shia, lindz_lohanx, manda_panda, mandybynes, marie_s, matt_s_b, mikababii, miriammcdonald, missthanggxx, mslalaine, next_topic, penelope_, play_anna, raven_symone, rmarcato, rosiemunter_, ryancooley, ryusaki, sara__, stacey_farber, tasha_ray_evin_, x0_kaila, xgrint, xkirsten_stormx, xmtracthenbergx, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _ashleyolsen, _chris_, _clint_, _craigv, _duff_, _eli, _greg_raposo_, _jenni_t, _jessemccartney, _marionraven, _marykate_, _tasharayevin, _trentolsen, _zachary_hanson, __lauren_c__, __mandyv
Friend of:142: aaron_b, ac_sugar, adamgarcia, affleckish, alexz, amit__paul, anthony_thebull, ashleys_urs, ashley_olsen_, ashton_k, augustus_prew, a_brilliaut, ballz_kid, billiejoe_luver, bluebabii, brandon_h, brittanyh, brittneyf, carpenter_chari, cassie_steele, chrisfedun, christensen__, chris_carrabba, clay, c__brummet, daphnechang, dark_rose, daveboreanaz, dirty_robson, distiller_brody, donna_drummer, dubya_bush, edyta, emily__vancamp, em__vancamp, erin_tanner_ns, ernielurvesbert, ernie_pop, felton_t, frankie_g, frankster, frank_alank, funkay_faye, gcxbilly, gl0ssii, hanson_z, hay_duff, hillyduff, ians_glory, ikehanson, james_m, jenna_bean, jenna_jameson, jennifer_garner, jennlovehewitt, jessicafried, joyfuljenna, justin_b, justin_tosco_, just_jessi, j_fried, j_mayer, j_pundik, kaci_paradise, kaci_tha_pimp, kaci__, kiki_storms, kimberly__c, kira, kitten_girl, ki_ki, knoxville, lalaine87, lauren_frost, la_lainexx, lea_m, lea_mccartney_, libby_h0dges, lindzlohan, lindz_babii, lindz_lohanx, little_lachey, lonneke_engel, love2day, lp_chester, lucy__woodward, madonna_, manda_panda, mandybynes, marie_s, mattdamon, matty_boy, michealseater, michelle_kwan, mikababii, milaxkunisx, missthanggxx, miss_duff, mostlymarit, mryan_phillippe, mtv_gideon, nik_xoxo, notreallyjoey, oliver_james, play_anna, play_faye, quinnxxxallman, rob_thomas, ryusaki, scottxxfoley, scott_mft, shawn_ashmore, shia_labeouf, shinoda_mike, steve_looker, stevie_x_brock, stratusfaction, sum41fan002, sweet, s_evans, taraxxreid, thriller_mj, urhahn, v_diesel, weinstock, will_young, wl_kian_, xgrint, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _anna__faris, _ashleyolsen, _chris_, _craziichances, _greg_raposo_, _jessemccartney, _katieholmes_, _marykate_, _simon, _spider8man_, __lauren_c__
Member of:3: barely_icons, barely_legal, barely_ooc
Account type:Early Adopter

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