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Below is user information for »» 3r1n. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_haldirlives (190110)
Name:»» 3r1n
Location:Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:ac1d6urnz (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 333706580 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:bluehairbear2 (Add User, Send Message)
This journal is a more personal/private journal than my
LiveJournal, so if it seems more bitchy, angry, or ...
whatever? Just letting you know I warned ya! XD

Basic Info About Me
Inspired By: glass_wings

I Claimed Vash the Stampede
I claim Vash at claim_bish

Hm, a bio, eh? Why would anyone want to know about me anyway? I'm so boring, dull, and ... boring. Oh yeah and I'm an idiot and a dork! Welcome to my life XD I am 20 years-old, attending my second year of community college, of which I'm going for my associates degree in libral arts. Or trying to, anyway. I'm borderline ADD (although I think I've crossed the goddamn border and landed smack dab in the middle ...), suffice to say my academic life is more difficult for me than someone without ADD.

I started working at T.J. Maxx around May 2002 and don't particularly like working there. The people in positions above me tend to contradict themselves in their instructions to me (one person will tell me I need to this and then someone else says I'm not supposed to this, blah blah blah ...).

I'm quite shy, but that usually passes once I get to know a person. In fact, I'm quiet funny, odd and just a good person to be around. Offline, I have a lot of acquaintences with a few close friends. I'm a bit anti-social. I avoid going to parties or large functions unless I know someone well enough to go (even then, I tend to stick to them like a burr ^^;). I usually go to the movies or rent them since the town I live in doesn't exactly have a whole lot to do (imagine that - my stero-typed rich and classy town doesn't have jack to do!).

My passions are reading, web design, collecting anime and manga, photography, and role-play. Favorite authors are Laurell K. Hamilton, Jacqueline Cary, Irene Radford, and Francesca Lia Block. TV shows are ANGEL, Buffy, CSI, Cowboy Bebop, and MI-5.
Interests:120: ai yazawa, alucard, amelia atwater-rhodes, amon, angel, angel sanctuary, anime, aragorn, aya, bôa, bishounen, black sash, blade of the immortal, blurty, boa, brian froud, buffy, casul, chicago, chobits, clamp, clover, cowboy bebop, craig parker, csi, daria, dark water, darling violetta, dexter's laboratory, dvds, faeries, francesca lia block, fushigi yûgi, fushigi yuugi, futurama, gerard butler, green day, greenwheel, haldir, heath ledger, hellsing, highlander, i.n.v.u., icons, internet, inu-yasha, ireland, irene radford, iron chef, jackal, jacqueline carey, jewel, joan osborne, joshua jackson, k's choice, kaori yuki, l. j. smith, ladyhawke, laurell k. hamilton, legend, legolas, les miserables, livejournal, lord of the rings, manga, mars, melanie rawn, mi-5, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, nightwalker, no doubt, orlando bloom, paradise kiss, parakiss, petshop of horrors, photography, photoshop, poppy z. brite, powerpuff girls, ppg, ragtime, reading, role-play, rpg, rurouni kenshin, savage garden, seraphic feather, serial experiments lain, sharon shinn, shoujo, siho lee, silent möbius, silent mobius, tamora pierce, tenchi muyo, the beatles, the dead zone, the ring, the simpsons, the used, trigun, unwritten law, utena, vampire hunter d, vash, velvet chain, viggo mortensen, vin diesel, web design, weiß kreuz, weiss kreuz, west wing, while you were out, witch hunter robin, x, x/1999, yu watase
Friends:5: claim_bish, devils_trill, isleinuain, kerochan, lizthefrench
Friend of:3: devils_trill, isleinuain, lizthefrench
Member of:1: claim_bish
Account type:Early Adopter

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