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Below is user information for ~*~just a statement~*~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_fucked_over_ (387457)  
Name:~*~just a statement~*~
Bio:I dont like girls who know their pretty, I dont like olivia, I dont like bitches, I dont like arrogant blondes, I am willing to pretend im happy to let the one I love feel a little more secure, I will do anything for him, I will..quit..anything for him...I have not loved before, and yes...I do beleive that this ..what we true love, I beleive in fate..I beleive in love.hate.evil.good.ghosts.another world.reencarnation.stars.the and white.and that kurt cobain was murdered. I used to be obsessed with kurt cobain, I am in love now though...part of me does beleive, that if I wasnt obsessed anymore, and if I wasnt in love...I would be dead...but I do have something to live for, so im going to highschool next year..and none of me is afraid..although it may not seem like it, im excited to pick on people with tracy. I beleive no one has a purpose..but spencer has made me see that you dont need one..all you need to do is have fun, and live. I have scars..I have love....I have hate...I have things, that you will find out with time, but for now...there my secrets..remember me.
Interests:19: berkely, books, boys, christmas, computers, friends, guns, hate, independant movies, knives, kurt cobain, love, movies, music, photography, picking on people, posters, requiem for a dream, spencer
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:2: xlostxrosex, xsolitaryechox
Account type:Free User

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