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User:_falling (61492)
Bio:yeah, yeah, yeah.

i wanna be your joey ramone.
Interests:59: against me!, american history x, andy warhol, ani difranco, antiwar, anythingremotelyrelatedtoconoroberst, bright eyes, catcher in the rye, commander venus, conor oberst, crying over spilt milk, cursive, david fincher, david lynch, death cab for cutie, del cielo, desaparecidos, donnie darko, edward norton, edward scissorhands, electroclash, falling in love, falling out of love, finch, franka potente, from autumn to ashes, garbage, holden caulfield, j.d. salinger, jaiye russell, jake gyllenhaal, le tigre, less than jake, liars, making out, marilyn monroe, mischief. mayhem. soap., mixtapes, my bloody valentine, nine stories, pretty girls make graves, pretty in pink, pro choice, run lola run, se7en, sylvia plath, taking back sunday, the breakfast club, the desaparecidos, the good life, the smiths, the uneventful vacation, the white stripes, trainspotting, twin peaks, un linked interests, we'll always have paris, yeah yeah yeahs, you
Friends:62: andthestarsfell, apologize, auburn, awful, backwerds, bashful, bleeder, brokenprincess, buymehappiness, childlike, claimursinger, claimyoursong, desa, dramatized0, electricshoes, electro__clash, emo, emofairy, emolyrics, garage_rock, gismartass, gobelindago, hotrodcircuit, inaudiblemelody, indierock, iskra67, jaykiss15, judicobass, lifeisaxsong, loserkidx, memorieswhisper, musictrade, myonlylight, oh_darling, oh_wow_its_amy, perfectflaw_, pistols, playhookey, poetandpossum, polaroids_of___, poorariel, pos4thstreet, pretty_vacant, reeling, rubber_soul, sour_girl, suicidekitten, wallflower_, words_give_up__, xbulimicx, xginax, xkrystlex, xpowpowpowx, xxgeeklovexx, yourfreakyqueen, _137, _claim_a_song_, _falling, _splat, _thrifty, _unwell_, __photobooth
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