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Below is user information for ::I cannot inhale the sparkle of your voice ::. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_dreams_of_you (496687)
Name:::I cannot inhale the sparkle of your voice ::
Location:pleasant hill, California, United States
AOL IM:dream x glrl x (Add Buddy, Send Message)

this dream girl...
heart taken by:gare<3
ashton obsessor
reeses peanutbutter cup addict
kiss craver
strawberrie bubble yum chewer
some what pretty
dashboard confessionalfreak
star gazer
a dream girl


The. All. aMerICaN. Rejects <3

Taking Back Sunday<3

The Juliana Theory<3

Christina Aguliera.

kiss me hard...
i love the way you stand in my way/you won't move 'til you get a kiss/and how you tell me that my name tastes so sweet on/your lips/i love the way you hold me with your eyes/hold me so tight that i can't move/it's like everything i've ever known is a lie/and you're the simple truth/is it a dream or is it real?/all i know is you make me feel so beautiful/i love how soft you touch my skin/like you're touching the wings of a butterfly/i wish we could just lock ourselves away in a room/where there was no such thing as time/i've never let anyone get this close/i've always been afraid/but you break down every wall/and yet i feel so safe/every part of who i am is so in love/cause what i have is beautiful/beautiful/you make me feel so beautiful
i heart. gare.
When I try to describe How I feel when you hold me I get butterflies I hear lullabies It's hard to explain Like the scent of a rose Or the sound of the rain It's too precious and too wonderful To give it a name Too beautiful for words A symphony inside me Too beautiful for words I can not take them lightly Can you hear my silent heart It's on the tip of my tongue But my lips are still sealed Only violins And their innocence Can show you how I feel And I hear them again At the end of the day I'm all teary eyed When we kiss goodbye There's nothing I can say Too beautiful for words A symphony inside me Too beautiful for words, oh I can not take them lightly Can you hear my silent heart Must be a million times I tried to express this love of mine When it goes this deep When it tastes this sweet It's not easy to define, oh Too beautiful for words (too beautiful..) A symphony inside me (a symphony inside of me..) Too beautiful for words I can not take them lightly Too beautiful for words A symphony inside me Too beautiful for words I can not take them lightly Can you hear my silent heart

Oh So GoRgeOuS..aShToN kUtChEr FaCtS...
Name: Ashton Kutcher
Birth Name: Christopher Ashton Kutcher
Height: 6'3"
Sex: M
Nationality: American
Date: February 7, 1978
Birth Place: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Occupation: actor, model
Education: University of Iowa (majored in Biochemical Engineering) Cedar Rapids Washington High School Clear Creek Amana High School (graduated in 1996)
Father: Larry Kutcher (employed by General Mills; divorced in 1991)
Mother: Diane Portwood (plant worker; employed by Procter & Gamble; remarried in 1996)
Sister: Tausha Kutcher (born in 1975)
Brother: Michael Kutcher (fraternal twin)
Step Father: Mark Portwood (construction worker)
Claim to fame: as Jesse Montgomery III in Dude, <3 please dont steal pictures thanks

Stalk Me?

My Claims and CrEdItS
I claimed Ashton Kutcher at claimahottie!
I claimed Ashton Kutcher,Paul Walker and Josh Hartnett at claim_me!
I Married Ashton Kutcher at blurty_marriage!
I claimed Pixie Playland at claimaplace!
I claimed The Juliana Theory at claimyourband!
I claimed Reeses Peanutbutter Cups at claim_a_candy!
I claimed the nameAden Taylor at claim_a_name!
I claimed Garrett Van Brunt at claim_a_person!
I claimed the word Butterfly at claim_a_word!
I claimed Tyson Ritter,Brad Pitt,and Sean William Scott at claimxme!
I claimed Micheal Vogals Cock at claim_a_cock!
I claimed Ashton Kutcher,Paul Walker and Josh Hartnett at claim_me!
I'm Married to Ashton Kutcher at holy_matrimony!
I claimed Just Married, The Juliana Theory and Sarah Sadler at i_claim!
I claim the song the used-bulimic at song_claimage!
I claimed the songs The Juliana Theory-goodnight starlight,Sarah Sadler-Beautiful and Taking back sunday-lost and found at claim_a_song_!
Credits Icon made by :: kahluaparadise Brittany Murphy <3

Interests:124: //emily ann\\, 50 cent, a static lullaby, a walk to remember, abercrombie, aim, alanis morrisette, animal rights, ashton kutcher, astrology, babies, beach, bella, black, black mascara, bluesclues, bowling for soup, boy undies, boys, braceface, brand new, brittany murphy, brownies, cats, cheesecake, chick flicks, christina aguliera, cotton candy, crushes, cucumbers, cuddling, cupcakes, dances, disney movies, elmo, eminem, fast cars, flavored lip gloss, friends, garrett, good charlotte, green nailpolish, guys colonge, halloween, hello kitty, hide n seek, holing hands, hollister, horoscopes, horses, james franco, josh hartnett, just married, kisses in the rain, kittens, lips, lizzie mcguire, love stories, magazines, marykate and ashley olsen, models, mom, movies, mtv, murphy, music, mustangs, nikky, no doubt, parties, paul walker, peaches, phones, photos, pickles, playing in the snow, pools, punk'd, puppies, purple, rainbows, ralph lauren, random "i love you's", reese witherspoon, reeses peanut butter cups, roses, sarah sadler, scary movies, shane west, shoulders, simple plan, slow songs, smile empty soul, smiles, soccer, something coorperate, sparkles, spas, stairs, starbucks, stars, strawberries, sugar, sugarcult, sunflowers, sunglasses, sunsets, swing sets, taking back sunday, tatu, teddy bears, teeth, the juliana theory, the ring, the shining, the used., tinkerbell, tongue rings, trucks, vanilla, water, watermelon, white oleander, windex
Friends:6: kissable_quiet, lil_babez, oh_s0_beautiful, raeofsunshine, shininq_star, wanna_fxck
Friend of:2: oh_s0_beautiful, wanna_fxck
Member of:18: americanxreject, ashtonkutcher, blurty_marriage, claimahottie, claimaplace, claimxme, claimyourband, claim_a_candy, claim_a_cock, claim_a_person, claim_a_word, claim_me, double_j_icons, hello_kitty_fan, holy_matrimony, takingback__, tbs_to_the_max, _claim_a_song_
Account type:Free User

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