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Below is user information for ★ ★ ★. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_doll_parts_ (762003)
Name:★ ★ ★
Website:★ boyz 'n' girlz
Location:Christmas Island

kelly ann was born on a sunny august 13th day. she has a family of 5, and no pets. she loves to sing, act, dance, and hang out with her buddies her favorite musicians are kurt cobain, john lennon, paul mccartney, ben jelen kelly's favorite movies are lord of the rings, harry potter, that thing you do, white oleander, a walk to remember, how to deal her favorite actors and actresses are tom hanks, liv tyler, dominic monaghan, sean astin, elijah wood, reese witherspoon. she thinks that the following people are drop dead gorgeous greg raposo, jesse mccartney, orlando bloom, dominic monaghan, and oliver james.

thank you for your time. oh and by the way, this journal is friends only ;]

Interests:137: accoustic guitars, acting, aragorn, arwen, beauty and the beast, billy boyd, blockbuster, books, boromir, box car racer, bubbles, captain barbossa, captain jack sparrow, care bears, cd players, cell phones, clay aiken, comfy pants, computers, concerts, converse, daisies, dancing, daria, day dreaming, dogs, dominic monaghan, drawing, dreams, duckies, dumbledore, dwarves, eating, elijah wood, elves, elvish, english accents, eowyn, evanescense, fan fiction, faramir, forest gump, freedom, friends, frodo, froggies, gandalf, george harrison, gimli, good charlotte, green day, greg raposo, gummi bears, guys, harry potter, hobbits, hoodies, hot topic, ian mckellen, jesse mccartney, john lennon, johnny depp, kurt cobain, laughing, legolas, linkin park, liv tyler, live journals, long hair, lord of the ring, make-up, malls, mary-kate olsen, merry, monkeys, movies, mtv, music, myrtle beach, new york, nirvana, nose rings, orlando bloom, pac sun, paul mccartney, penguins, photography, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, pleasantville, poetry, punk rock, rain, ringo star, rock and roll, ron weasley, roxy, samwise the brave, sandals, saturdays, scrapbooking, sean astin, sean bean, simple plan, sleeping, snow, song writting, soundtracks, south carolina, sponge bob, stars, strawberry fields, sum 41, surfing, taking back sunday, tanning, the 50s, the beach, the beatles, the color yellow, the ocean, the wonders, tigger, tinkerbell, tolkien, tom felton, tom hanks, viggo mortensen, will and grace, winter time, working out, writing poems, yellowcard, , ,
Friends:1: l0serslive4ever
Friend of:1: l0serslive4ever
Account type:Free User

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