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Below is user information for s a r ahhhhhhh. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_diebyourhand (798863)  
Name:s a r ahhhhhhh

concrete and water
she's looking for her daughter at midnight
in torrential downpour

Interests:136: 80's rock, acting, alanis morisette, aliens, almost famous, amt, ballrooms, bandaides, barnes and noble, barney's, bassists, black and white photos, blue eyes, boogie boarding, borders, brand new, broadway, bubble baths, bubbles, california, cameras, camp, candles, captain cook, castles, cheese, chip and dales, coffee, coheed and cambria, collages, constellations, curls, days of the week, dimples, disney world, dorks, drummers, duct tape, elvis, emo boys, emo shags, empire records, ferris bueller's day off, fire, fire works, fishing, for a noble cause, foreign films, french kissing, friends, geeks, girls belts, gloria jean, greek mythology, gummy bears, guys, heights, ice cream, independant films, inscence, jello, jet, knee socks, kurt cobain, lace, laughing, lightening, lord of the rings, love, m&ms, marshmellow fluff, marshmellows, michelle davis, mohawks, music, nine month anniversary, nursery rhymes, nutella, nyc, nyphomaniacs, oi boys, old movies, painting, paris, pearls, peircings, photography, pianos, poerty, pretty in pink, red hair, sailing, serendipity, sewing, shaggy hair, sharpies, sixteen candles, skater boys, sleeping late, snow, soda-pop, spanish, sparklers, stagedoor, starbucks, stars, straight hair, sugarcult, taking back sunday, tarot, the beach, the breakfast club, the clash, the drudges, the fab five, the fluent, the getup kids, the goonies, the louvre, the oc, the ramones, the simpsons, the stokes, thrifting, thunderstorms, tight pants, toothpastefordinner, tounge rings, trampolines, truth, ufo's, veggies, vintage clothing, waltzing, waves, whipped cream
Friends:2: jaded_truth, _aboutagirl
Account type:Free User

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