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Below is information about the "Detention" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:_detention_ (339950)
Location:United States
About:This community is for members of Lotr_junkies that need grammar, (Yes, that IS how you spell it...) spelling, and just plain old talking lessons. For people who think 'u' is a word, rather than a letter, think 'lmao' is an exceptable way to laugh, and that mixing numbers and letters is a good way to write a sentence. Yes, even for people who think that saying 'lol' every two seconds is perfectly normal.

If any of us catch you with any of the above, or more, we shall copy it and post it up here. Then we'll send you the link, and you will be set lines. That's right. LINES. It will teach YOU not to type annoyingly. XD

We're here to cure you of your annoying typing habits. Don't hate, you'll thank us in the end. I promise. Plus, your mommy will be proud and your teachers will smile down on you. Trust me, it's the life. *smirks*

~The Headmaster

The Teachers
These spots have not yet been assigned. I will assign them based on the person's responsibility and show of good grammar, spelling, and way of talking. These people have supreme authority, other than myself, because I am the queen of all things grammar-lish-cious. :D. All other members, however, have the power to convict any other certain member of breaking the law, but only teachers have the right to judge it. I am the president, teachers are the judges, and others are the prosecuters, as it were. Please excuse my wandering imagination.

The line: Please henceforth pardon me of my mistake. I shall from now on heartily attempt to write properly for the good of myself and the community. If I am caught breaking the law again, my punishment shall be creatively enhanced.

Ahem. Let the games begin.
Interests:10: good grammar, good typists, intelligent people, learning from mistakes, lines, mature people, never ending blackboards, proper typing skills, punishing, rulers
Members:11: detention_mod, emmerswatson, jeffnerohardy, jeiaandrews, miss__spears, noelleholmes, notagirlygal, pwalker, t0mfelt0n, xoxo__broken, _heath_
Watched by:13: another_orlando, detention_mod, jeffnerohardy, lv_tyler, miss__spears, noelleholmes, notagirlygal, pwalker, xxsean_beanxx, _cate_b_, _chris_jerichox, _xelijahwoodsx_, _xsimplyaliciax
Account type:Free User

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