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User:_decayed (39337)
Location:United States

I stick out my tongue to catch the pieces as they fall.
Long goodbyes and teary eyes are bittersweet tastes that I recall.
-Statement of Purpose-

my name is danielle
i'm fourteen , i live in connecticut


and i will be famous one day

likes - boys, flirting, candy necklaces, dancing, music, heavy metal, 80's punk, industrial, some rap, emo, skaters, nine inch nails, marilyn manson, kittie, otep, ozzy, black sabbath, zeromancer, the vandals, the sex pistols, the ramones, tori amos, the casualties, slipknot, stone sour, nirvana, system of a down, sisters of mercy, placebo, rancid, my ruin, jack off jill, mushroomhead, insane clown posse, hatebreed, anti-flag, concerts, moshing, drinking, arbor mist, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, bondage, poetry, rain, brandon lee, the crow, playing my bass guitar, anarchy, alice in wonderland, friends, jack osbourne, trent reznor, nice people, people with a sense of humor, johnny depp, cell phones, older guys, lord of the rings

dislikes - homophobia, nazis, white power, the government, avril lavinge, rude people, ignorance, weed, violence, wars, ja rule, trl, kelly osbourne, popularity, cats, PeOplE wHo TlAk LIYyYkE dIsS, roleplaying journals, courtney love, waiting rooms, hospitals, sluts, going to the movies, gangs, smoking, homework, school, teachers, snobs,people who hate preps just for the fuck of it

my journal is not friends only
but i'd like to know who's reading about my life
+ add me and i'll add you back

I am damaged

lyrical genius

It's your age, It's my rage.
You're too complicated, we should separate it.
You're just confiscating, you're exasperating.
This degeneration, mental masturbation.
Think I'll leave it all behind, save this bleeding heart of mine.

zeromancer @ claim_a_band
nine inch nails @ i_claim_this
trent reznor @ i_claim_this
marilyn manson@ i_claim_this
tim skold @ i_claim_this
kittie @ i_claim_this
patrick star @ claim_me
KiTTiE @ _claim_a_band_
my ruin @ _claim_a_band_
mindless self indulgence @ _claim_a_band_
anti flag @ _claim_a_band_
tori amos @ _claim_a_band_

important days
january 17th - out to dinner for aylin's birthday
january 19th - boston billard club for katie's birthday
january 24th - pizza and sleepover for hilary's birthday

Oral Sex Donations Accepted
c'mon you know you want to.
Friends:30: atrophocy, blinx, break, c0nfuzed_child, cxnt, dolli, duncandonutpunk, enigmaticdaemon, fuckmyrockstar, gigglesniff, hiaslilprincess, hybrid_stigmata, i_wanna_riot, kase, missmolko, morbidbeauty, morbidly, mysilentundoing, nocoz, only_in_dreams, ozylovesyou, poutylovely, punkrockerrxx, rotten, suicide_notes, whirlwind, zorinaaislinn, _rockstar_, _sin, _uberhip
Friend of:17: blinx, c0nfuzed_child, enigmaticdaemon, fucking__loser, gigglesniff, hiaslilprincess, hybrid_stigmata, kase, morbidly, mysilentundoing, nayla_kramer, nocoz, punkrockerrxx, rotten, suicide_notes, _rockstar_, _sin
Member of:5: claim_a_band, claim_me, i_claim_this, lyrx, quizzrz
Account type:Early Adopter

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