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Below is information about the "art - music - poetry - philosophy - prose" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:_darkling_ (697573)  
Name:art - music - poetry - philosophy - prose
Location:San Jose, California, United States
About:Welcome fellow human beings. Thank you for taking the time to view this community, whether it be a quick glance, or a good, long look.

This community is run by neally.

I decided to create this community in the name of self-expression and being true to one’s self. If there is something you feel like sharing with others, such as a great cookie recipe, or a recent or past event which has brought you great joy, or possibly pain, feel free to share it. Anything from pictures to short stories is welcome, and encouraged. You may even post anonymously if you’d like.

We should all treat others in this community with respect. That means no content intended to harm others. We want this community to be a friendly place to come and say or do just about anything you please; don't abuse that.

General rules:
1. No flaming, harassment, hate-speech, etc. If you think your post or comment is questionable, you probably shouldn't post it.
2. If you find a particular entry to be offensive please do not make a response to the entry itself, but rather contact me, the community administrator. I would be more than glad to clear the matter up and even make an entry stating why I find said matter to be offensive if I deem it as such. If you really feel that your opinion must be heard, please make your own entry and be very creative, non-offensive, and non-accusatory. If you have taken offense to a post that I, the community administrator, have made, you should question your own presence and involvement in the community before notifying me that you are offended.
3. All pictures, quiz results, and lengthy posts should be placed behind an lj-cut. As an extension of this rule, if the thing placed behind a cut contains graphic nudity or violence, make sure it is labeled "Not work safe."
4. Don't plagiarize. Please give credit to the author, or tell us where you found your content if you don't know the name of the author.
5. Don't hold back - being expressive and honest is what this community is all about.
6. Have fun!

The moderator of this community reserves the right to delete any post that they deem offensive or unnecessary and we will ban members who repeatedly disregard my warnings. I as a moderator have very liberal views, however, offensive content will hopefully be hard to come across. Content determined to be offensive by the members of the community as a whole will be reviewed and deleted.

With that said, let your voice be heard, and above all else, enjoy yourself, because you don’t have a good enough reason not to. ;)
Interests:130: acceptance, agnosticism, air, akira, androgeny, anime, art, artistic nudity, balance, being understood, bisexuality, black metal, blood, body, castlevania, ccg's, change, chaos, chuck palanhiuk, comics, computer games, computers, confidence, contentment, corsets, death, death metal, depression, different, dominance, earth, education, electricity, emotion, emptiness, energy, enlightenment, everything, excercise, expression, fight club, filler bunny, fire, food, freedom, friends, funk, gabber, games workshop, goa, goth, gothic, health, heavy metal, honesty, hugging, i feel sick, ice, improvement, independence, industrial, internet, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, jhonny the homicidal maniac, learning, liberation, life, lightning, living, love, masturbation, mayhem, me, men, metal, mind, mischief, movies, mp3s, music, nakedness, nature, nothing, nudity, pain, people, philosophy, pleasure, poetry, poppy z. brite, potential, power, power noise, progressive rock, reading, rebellion, rpg's, sadness, san jose, sarcasm, satire, science, self-expression, sex, sexual expression, sexual freedom, sexuality, singing, soap, soul, squee, submission, technology, the opposite sex, the same sex, thinking, tolerance, tv, understanding others, vampire hunter d, video games, void, warhammer 40k, water, white wolf, wind, wisdom, women, writing
Members:93: abstractgoth, alwaysnumb, always_running, anarchist_star, athena_le_fay, authorunknown17, badangel666, black_soad, blueskiess, bonapartesgirl, caught_myself, cherishedone, collegegirl20, contemplation, crazysoul, deanna_doak, decayandjinx, devilbitch6669, ditzydoll, diva_satanica, dogdate, dyingbesideyou, eileenprince, embracing_fate, faeriechild, fallenfairy6969, fatalxprincess, fenris_fenrir, fetish_doll, flatlinedeath, foxtail_star, free2versify, glitternsage, gothfish, gutterflower7, haikusong, hopeless_drmz, hushsounds, im_just_not_me, ishallbrnforyou, jaydeskye, jducey, karmapolice86, kayoh, kexxy, koolgyrl1978, lady0fdarkness, livinalie, love_that_bled, maniac_loves_ya, mattus04, merciful_cries, mer_de_noms266, miss_anarchy, morbidevilgirl, mydeadvampire, myst1kst0rm, neally, opiumroses, pariah2, peggi, poetic_lisense, prayersforrain, pretty_lil_sin, ravyne, raynchild, redkite, redphoria, rosemdm, roxy13, salacious_muse, samantha_boyden, silhouette_lie, soft_parody, sreaming4sun, stormsurvivor, sugarbeaten, sweetblueyes, taintedjewels, takethree, thepoetess, tiny16, viintage__, wee_tifla, worthless_trash, ximafreakx, xsimplicity8, xvioletxravenx, xvirusxtheoryx, z___erous, _darkling_admin, _evil_queen, _zero_
Watched by:66: alwaysnumb, always_running, anarchist_star, authorunknown17, black_soad, blueskiess, caught_myself, cherishedone, collegegirl20, crazysoul, deanna_doak, decayandjinx, ditzydoll, diva_satanica, dogdate, dyingbesideyou, eileenprince, faeriechild, fallenfairy6969, fenris_fenrir, fetish_doll, foxtail_star, free2versify, haikusong, hushsounds, ishallbrnforyou, jaydeskye, jducey, karmapolice86, kayoh, kexxy, lady0fdarkness, livinalie, maniac_loves_ya, mendingwalls, merciful_cries, morbidevilgirl, mydeadvampire, pariah2, peggi, poetic_lisense, prayersforrain, pretty_lil_sin, ravyne, raynchild, redkite, redphoria, rosemdm, salacious_muse, soft_parody, soul_seller, sreaming4sun, starblue, stormsurvivor, sweetblueyes, taintedjewels, thepoetess, tiny16, ulos_toivoa, wee_tifla, worthless_trash, ximafreakx, xsimplicity8, xvirusxtheoryx, z___erous, _zero_
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