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Below is information about the "Claim your favorite song" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:_claim_a_song_ (53900)
Name:Claim your favorite song
Location:United States

[x] 3 claims per person

[x] 5 extra claims if you make a banner or icon for the community

[x] No sharing

The List

Songs are listed in ABC order by artist. It's more convenient that way.


3 Doors Down - When I'm Gone - claimed by nephilum

7-10 Split - Heartless - claimed by xfallen_starx


AFI - I Want a Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One) - claimed by forgetthepain

Air - Playground Love - claimed by gray

Alkaline Trio - Crawl - claimed by queenxofxpain

All-American Rejects, The - Don't Leave Me - claimed by emosuprimo

All-American Rejects, The - Drive Away - claimed by weekendlove

All-American Rejects, The - The Last Song - claimed by killthefurbees

All-American Rejects, The - Paper Heart - claimed by italiana

All-American Rejects, The - Swing Swing - claimed by puggs

All-American Rejects, The - Your Star - claimed by left_to_drown

Allister - Fraggle Rock - claimed by mestupriotgrl

Allister - The One that Got Away - claimed by _teenager

Allister - Overrated - claimed by punk3d_owt

Amanda Perez - Kiss Me - claimed by _swe3t_kissez_

Angel Sanctuary - Kite - claimed by _setsuna

Ashanti - Happy - claimed by anthony

Ataris, The - San Dimas High School Football Rules

Ataris, The - Song For a Mixtape - claimed by moonsinger

At the Drive-In - Invalid Letter Dpt. - claimed by pixie_wings

Audiovent - Beautiful Addiction - claimed by hornedhalo

Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip - claimed by puggs


Bad Religion - The Defense - claimed by a_bright_eye

Beatles, The - In My Life - claimed by forgottendream

Bell and Sebastian - She's Losing It - claimed by proximityeffect

Ben Folds Five - Evaporated - claimed by jess_

Bill Whelan - Caoineadh Cu Chulainn [Lament - From Riverdance] - claimed by moonsinger

Blank Theory, A - Middle of Nowhere - claimed by _goonie_

Blindside - Pitiful - claimed by death_by_hate

Blink-182 - Adam's Song - claimed by xxvolcomgirlxx

Blink-182 - Rock Show - claimed by gluedsafetypins

Blink-182 - What Went Wrong? - claimed by worshipme

Bon Jovi - It's My Life - claimed by jons_slut

Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer - claimed by jons_slut

Bowling for Soup - Running from Your Dad - claimed by hit_or_miss

Boxcar Racer - Catlike Thief - claimed by feel_so_callous

Boxcar Racer - There Is - claimed by sky_is_fire

Brand New - Seventy Times Seven - claimed by ri0t_bxtch

Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime - claimed by ironic

Breaking Benjamin - Home - claimed by saltin_urwounds

Bright Eyes - The Center of the World - claimed by a_bright_eye

Bright Eyes - If Winter Ends - claimed by awful

Bright Eyes - Nothing Gets Crossed Out - claimed by fakeyellowlight

Bright Eyes - Waste of Paint - claimed by fakeyellowlight

Brilliant Green, The - Angel Song - claimed by gray

Britney Spears - Born to Make You Happy - claimed by love___

Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love - claimed by tunneloflove


Casket Lottery, The - New Year's Eve - claimed by feel_so_callous

Chevelle - The Red - claimed by superstina19

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful - claimed by prechuz_dork

Christina Aguilera - Infatuation - claimed by raucous

Christina Aguilera - Loving Me for Me - claimed by raucous

Coheed and Cambria - Delirium Trigger - claimed by forgetthepain

Coldplay - The Scientist - claimed by aintnosunshine

Collective Soul - Heavy - claimed by champeen24

Commander Venus - We'll Always Have Paris - claimed by _falling

Crazy Town - Change - claimed by hornedhalo

Creed - One Last Breath - claimed by puggs

Cursive - Art is Hard - claimed by bleeder

Cursive - The Lament of Pretty Baby - claimed by queenxofxpain

Cursive - When Summer's Over, Will We Dream of Spring? - claimed by bleeder


Daniel Beddingfield - Gotta Get Through This - claimed by anthony

Darkest Hour - Eclipse - claimed by playknife

Darren Hayes - Insatiable - claimed by nephilum

Dashboard Confessional - The Best Deceptions - claimed by qlamour

Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities - claimed by drummer

Death Cab for Cutie - Steadier Footing - claimed by proximityeffect

Deftones - Change [in the House of Flies] - claimed by damned

Deftones - Elite - claimed by emia

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me - claimed by damned

Desaparecidos - Manana - claimed by boringblueyes

Desaparecidos - Man and WIfe, the Former [Financial Planning] - claimed by _falling

Desaparecidos - Man and Wife, the Latter [Damaged Goods] - claimed by _falling

Dire en Grey - Drain Away - claimed by hide

Dir en Grey - Filth - claimed by meggi

Dream Street - With All My Heart - claimed by p0pstar_ash


Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight - claimed by happeemewzik

Eminem - The Kids - claimed by babyxblu3

Eminem - Hailie's Song - claimed by glittery

Eminem - Lose Yourself - claimed by glittery

Eminem - Sing for the Moment - claimed by pimpin_yadi

Evanescence - Bring Me to Life - claimed by fade2black

Everclear - The Good Witch of the North - claimed by left_to_drown


Feeder - Just a Day - claimed by evilpaperbag

Fenix TX - Threesome - claimed by pixie_wings

Filter - Where Do We Go From Here? - claimed by evilpaperbag

Fiona Apple - Love Ridden - claimed by tunneloflove

Finch - Ender - claimed by wideawake

Finch - What it Is to Burn - claimed by feel_so_callous

Flaw - Best I Am - claimed by fallenbluestar

Foo Fighters, The - Lonely as You - claimed by hotlikebutter

Frank Sinatra - Luck Be a Lady - claimed by drummer

From Autumn to Ashes - Mercury Rising - claimed by weekendlove


Garbage - Breaking Up the Girl - claimed by ismellyourbrain

Gary Jules - Mad World - claimed by pixie_wings

Get-Up Kids, The - I'll Catch You - claimed by wideawake

GLAY - Yuuwaku - claimed by youseiziploc

Good Charlotte - The Anthem - clamed by justagirlxo

Good Charlotte - Change - claimed by qlamour

Good Charlotte - East Coast Anthem - claimed by mestupriotgrl

Good Charlotte - Emotionless - claimed by gcbenjiriotgirl

Good Charlotte - Festival Song - claimed by i_am_a_groupie

Good Charlotte - I Heard You - claimed by hotlikebutter

Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - clamed by raucous

Good Charlotte - My Bloody Valentine - claimed by xxkittyxx

Good Charlotte - Riot Girl - claimed by xxkittyxx

Good Charlotte - Seasons - claimed by shiznittle

Good Charlotte - Wondering - claimed by superstina19

Good Charlotte - The Young and Hopeless - claimed by br0kend011

Goo Goo Dolls, The - Here is Gone - claimed by kheekai

Goo Goo Dolls, The - Iris - claimed by cake_or_death

Green Day - Poprocks and Coke - claimed by xxvolcomgirlxx

Guns n' Roses - Don't Cry - claimed by walking_problem


Hide - Electric Cucumber - claimed by meggi

Him - Join Me in Death - claimed by morbidly


Ill Niño - What Comes Around - claimed by karas_krissy

Incubus - I Miss You - claimed by stinkypaws

Incubus - Nebula - claimed by wideawake

Insane Clown Posse [with Twiztid and Anybody Killa] - Juggalo Homiez - claimed by monoxide_child

Insane Clown Posse - Rainbows and Stuff - claimed by courtney82


Jack off Jill - Rabbiteen - claimed by damned

Jack off Jill - Strawberry Gashes - claimed by _setsuna

Jawbreaker - Jinx Removing - claimed by queenxofxpain

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna Be Alright - claimed by anthony

Jimmy Eat World - Ten - claimed by fakeyellowlight

John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland - claimed by love_a_lots

John Rzeznik - I'm Still Here - claimed by kheekai

Juliana Theory, The - The Closest Thing - claimed by left_to_drown

Juliana Theory, The - Duane Joseph - claimed by slowlyfallapart

Juliana Theory, The - The Piano Song - claimed by ironic

Juliana Theory, The - White Days - claimed by forget_december

Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River - claimed by prechuz_dork

Justin Timeberlake - Like I Love You - claimed by love___

Justin Timberlake - Never Again - claimed by qlamour


Korn - Blind - claimed by courtney82


Lacuna Coil - Distant Sun - claimed by fallenbluestar

Les Savy Fav - The Slip - claimed by bleeder

Lifehouse - Hanging By a Moment - claimed by krispy_kremez

Linkin Park - Crawling - claimed by crawling

Linkin Park - In the End - claimed by karas_krissy

Linkin Park - My December - claimed by hornedhalo

Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong - claimed by karas_krissy

Live - Dolphin's Cry - claimed by vampyrekitty666


Malice Mizer - Brise - claimed by hide

Marilyn Manson - Disposable Teens - claimed by ismellyourbrain

Mary J. Blige [and Ja Rule] - Rainy Dayz - claimed by krispy_kremez

Matchbox Twenty - Disease - claimed by dreamertears

Matchbox Twenty - Long Day - claimed by moonsinger

Mest - Drawing Board - claimed by wondering

Michelle Branch - All You Wanted - claimed by love_a_lots

Michelle Branch - Washing Machine - claimed by so_star_like

Midtown - Let Go - claimed by xxvolcomgirlxx

Misfits - Horror Business - claimed by limeade

Misfits - Teenagers from Mars - claimed by limeade

Misfits - Where Eagles Dare - claimed by limeade

Modern English - I'll Stop the World and Melt With You - claimed by in_a_dark_place

Moldy Peaches, The - Goodbye Song - claimed by hearttoheart

Movielife, The - Walking On Glass - claimed by bestofme

MxPx - My Life Story - claimed by casper_punk


Nada Surf - Popular - claimed by proximityeffect

New Found Glory, A - 2's and 3's - claimed by sky_is_fire

New Found Glory , A - Hit or Miss - claimed by emosuprimo

New Found Glory, A - Singled Out - claimed by so_star_like

New Foud Glory, A - Sonny - claimed by _underestimated

New Found Glory, A - The Story So Far - claimed by __dirtystars__

Nick Carter - I Got You - claimed by gcbenjiriotgirl

Nickelback - Cowboy Hat - claimed by champeen24

Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile - claimed by _grace

Nirvana - All Apologies - claimed by candy__cane

No Doubt - Just a Girl - claimed by candyswirl

No Doubt - Spiderwebs - claimed by drummer

No Doubt - Underneath It All - claimed by candy__cane

Norah Jones - Don't Know Why -claimed by aintnosunshine

Norah Jones - One Flight Down - claimed by zucchini85

No Secrets - Whole Again - claimed by so_star_like

NSync - This I Promise You - claimed by krispy_kremez


Oasis - Today is Gonna Be the Day - claimed by fallenbluestar

Ok Go - 1000 Miles an Hour - claimed by riotbitch

O-Town - Craving - claimed by justagirlxo

O-Town - From the Damage - claimed by justagirlxo

Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There - claimed by kheekai


Paul McCartney - Here Today - claimed by forgottendream

Pillows, The - Carnival - claimed by gray

Pink - Family Portrait - claimed by untouchables

Play - Watch Me Now - claimed by p0pstar_ash

Psycho le Cemu - Murder Death Kill - claimed by meggi


Queen - No One But You - claimed by champeen24

Queensrÿche - Silent Lucidity - claimed by silent_lucidity


Ramones - Needles and Pins - claimed by hapeemewzik

Rancid - Bloodclot - claimed by getchootom

Rancid - Radio - claimed by weekendlove

Rascal Flatts - These Days - claimed by p0pstar_ash

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop - claimed by happeemewzik

Reel Big Fish - Sellout are as Good as Mine - claimed by __dirtystars__

Reveille - Unborn - claimed by saltin_urwounds

Rolling Stones, The - It's Only Rock 'N' Roll [But I Like It] - claimed by forgottendream

Rufio - Face the Truth - claimed by saltin_urwounds

[from] Rurouni Kenshin - Ice Blue Eyes [Aoshi's Theme] - claimed by _setsuna


Saliva - Always - claimed by superstina

Saves the Day - Sweet Fracture - claimed by forget_december

Serge Gainsbourg - Black Trombone - claimed by kanariya

Sex Pistols, The - Anarchy in the U.K. - claimed by gluedsafetypins

Shinhwa - All Your Dreams - claimed by youseiziploc

Shonen Knife - Jackalope - claimed by ismellyourbrain

Simple Plan - Grow Up - claimed by casper_punk

Simple Plan - I'd Do Anything - claimed by xxkittyxx

Simple Plan - I Won't Be There - claimed by ri0t_bxtch

Simple Plan - Perfect - claimed by riotbitch

Simple Plan - When I'm With You - claimed by emosuprimo

Simple Plan - You Don't Mean Anything - claimed by punk3d_owt

Smashing Pumpkins, The - Ava Adore - claimed by emia

Something Corporate - Cavanaugh Park - claimed by evilpaperbag

Something Corporate - Fall - claimed by dreamertears

Something Corporate - Hurricane - claimed by forget_december

Something Corporate - Konstantine - claimed by ironic

Something Corporate - Punk Rock Princess - claimed by stinkypaws

Something Corporate - Walking By - claimed by aintnosunshine

Something Corporate - Woke Up in a Car - claimed by italiana

Something Corporate - You're Gone - claimed by boringblueyes

Sorry About Dresden - What the Sea Left Behind Part 2 - claimed by awful

Staind [featuring Fred Durst] - Outside - claimed by xxstrangegrrlxx

Starting Line - Cheek to Cheek - claimed by hearttoheart

Starting Line, The - Three is a Charm - claimed by sky_is_fire

Sublime - The End  - claimed by candyswirl

Sublime [and No Doubt] - Saw Red - claimed by candyswirl

Sugarcult - Daddy's Little Defect - claimed by br0kend011

Sugarcult - Pretty Girl [The Way] - claimed by hit_or_miss

Sugarcult - Saying Goodbye - claimed by glittery

Sugizo - Super Love - claimed by hide

Sum 41 - Crazy Amanda Bunkface - claimed by hotlikebutter

Sum 41 - The Hell Song - claimed by __dirtystars__

Sum 41 - Summer - claimed by wondering

System of a Down - Bounce - claimed by walking_problem


Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the 'E' [Cut From the Team] - claimed by punk3d_owt

Taking Back Sunday - There's No 'I' in Team - claimed by xxstrangegrrlxx

Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves at New Jersey - claimed by boringblueyes

Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer - claimed by slowlyfallapart

Taking Back Sunday - Your Own Disaster - claimed by hearttoheart

Taproot - Dreams - claimed by smtn

Taproot - Mirror's Reflection - claimed by smtn

Taproot - Smile - claimed by smtn

T.A.T.U. - All the Things She Said - claimed by in_a_dark_place

T.A.T.U. - Show Me Love - claimed by nephilum

Tool - 46 and 2 - claimed by courtney82

Tool - Aenima - claimed by walking_problem

Trapt - Headstrong - claimed by _goonie_

Twiztid - Empty - claimed by monoxide_child

Twiztid - Old School Pervert - claimed by xfallen_starx

Twiztid - We Don't Die - claimed by monoxide_child


U2 - Electrical Storm - claimed by jess_

Unwritten Law - Sorry - claimed by getchootom

Used, The - Buried Myself Alive - claimed by riotbitch

Used, The - The Taste of Ink - claimed by addictedx

Used, The - Noise and Kisses



White Stripes, The - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - claimed by candy__cane

White Stripes, The - I'm Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman - claimed by jess_

White Stripes, The - The Union Forever - claimed by _teenager



Yellowcard - October Nights - claimed by slowlyfallapart
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