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User:_cheek_2_cheek_ (468343)
Name:__crush me babi__
Website:live journal <3
Location:philly, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:private journal

.. sometimes i just hate life ..

bound to say something eyes closed its
cold and im home.. i feel like nothing
again pretending not care but i care..
dont say another word <3 starting line

Interests:141: 2's & 3's, 3rd and long, 8mile, a static lullaby, a.j. trauth, alkaline trio, all about her, all thats left, andrew bolooki, ashton kutcher, bands, beeing in love, being with funny people, being with my friends, belated, best friends, best of me, better off dead, black and blue, blancomeow, blankets, blink 182, bloody valentine, bony fingers, box car racer, boy meets world, boys, boys eyes, brand new, broken sound, caesar salads, candy, cant hardly wait, cds, chad gilbert, chad micheal murray, concerts, coral springs florida, count the stars, cyrus bolooki, dashboard confessional, disney channel, dreaming, dressed to kill, drive-thru records, driving, dvds, eminem, emo, ethan embry, even stevens, exploding dog, eyesore, finch, forget my name, freddy prinze jr., funny boys, getting tounge, gnik regrub, gummy bears, guys, head on collision, hit or miss, hold on, hoobastank, hugs, ian grushka, jordan pundik, kisses, konstantine, linkin park, love, making out, marshall mathers, mest, moneen, money, monsters inc., movies, music, my birthday, my friends over you, my paper heart, never sometimes, new found glory, nfg, nothing gold can stay, ocean, one tree hill, our lady peace, pac-sun, paul, paul walker, pooh, pop-punk, punk rock princess, raven, rollercoasters, rufio, safe at second, saves the day, second to last, senses fail, seth green, shoes, shore, skater boys, sleeping, somthing corporate, songs, sonny, steve klein, sticks & stones, story of the year, sucker, summer, swing swing, taking back sunday, tell all your friends, thats so raven, the all american rejects, the ataris, the blue stare, the early november, the glory of love, the goodbye song, the movielife, the nightmare before christmas, the starting line, the story so far, the used, thrice, thursday, vans, vegas, vin diesel, warped tour, wishful thinking, writing songs, yrolg dnuof wen, ♥.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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