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User:_chad_gilbert (371204)
Website:It's not what You THINK
Location:San Diego, California, United States
AOL IM:hoax chad (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Im Chad Gilbert the guitarist of New Found Glory.

New Found Glory
j0rdan_x_nfg <----my pride and Joy.I can lose everything in life, execpt this kid who seems to be a little more normal than the rest of us and it will all be ok. He knows all about friendship.
the rest of my bandmates are too COOL to have one ;-)

Who I Roll with
free__dominguez The more I talk to you, the more you prove to me what a addicting personality you have. You are def my girl. ;-) Your sexy and know how to make time worthwhile. I'll call you sexy free and we'll hang out more often.
tony_____lovato <---- You know if you hated me, i would understand. I dont even know why you talk to me when i start conversation.I usually just talk you to make you realize how bad you are.*BUT* I do love you like a fat kid loves cake. Now go on and touch some roosters ;-)
_chuck_ who would of thought i would be talking about you? I sure as hell didn't. Now, go roll out my red carpet!
thomas__paul I mean, anyone who talks in third person is just how can i say? special Chad likes that about Paul though, He thinks Paul can be interesting and he sure as hell can dance, or so Chad has heard ;-)
Memories:1 entry
Interests:8: blink-182, britney spears, green day, hatebreed, incubus, mxpx, unwritten law, weezer
Friends:10: chriswilson_gc, free__dominguez, j0rdan_x_nfg, lil_billehm, scrapped_knees, stevo_jocz_32, thomas__paul, tony_____lovato, xbenjxmaddenx, _chuck_
Friend of:18: avril_lavignex, free__dominguez, hottie_emichael, kelly_c, lil_lexi_b, matt_lovato_, mena_suvari, mistamiller, pierrex_bouvier, reese_w_, sam_mumba, sexified_jc, spearsarific, stevo_jocz_32, tony_____lovato, xbenjxmaddenx, xxjxxtxx, _chuck_
Account type:Free User

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