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User:_c0nfused_ (105633)
Bio:Thank you to ~/_piink_rawker , she made this journal and its awesome.
Interests:82: 80's cartoons, 9kills9, air freshners, anti-flag, beanies, benji madden, bitching, black, black flag, blue crush, bowling for soup, bracelets, candy, care bears, cky, cky videos, cotton candy, death metal, diet sunkist, drugs, emo, emo glasses, empire records, good charlotte, hello kitty, hoodies, hot pink, jack off jill, jackass, jeff hardy, joel madden, johnny knoxville, lollipop lustkill, lollipops, long sleeve shirts, loud music, matt hardy, metal, ministry, mohawks, moshing, motograter, old cartoons, patches, pepsi, piercings, pills, pink, punk music, punk shows, raw, rey mysterio, rings, rock, rock music, root beer, rvd, saves the day, screaming, shane helms, shannon moore, sid and nancy, skateboarding shoes, skateboards, sleep, slipknot, smackdown, snoopy, snow, spongebob, stereos, steve-o, stickers, sunday night heat, trix, true life, vans, volcom, warped tour, weed, wrestling, yelling
Friends:14: anti_avril, anti_s0cial, drugfreaks, goodcharlotte, hardyzgrrl, hispaniq_latte, racy, radicalfizz, ridicule, urealizeihateu, wrestlerclaims, x__lea, _billabong, _piink_rawker
Friend of:10: anti_s0cial, hardyzgrrl, mike420zzz, racy, radicalfizz, ridicule, urealizeihateu, x__lea, _billabong, _piink_rawker
Member of:5: anti_avril, drugfreaks, goodcharlotte, rpg_ads, sur_veys
Account type:Early Adopter

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